Safely Stop Worms in Dogs


 After I discovered the dangers of traditional flea and tick products like frontline plus, I began to wonder about the safety of worming tablets filled and creams with insecticide that the vet was so happy to sell me.  Whilst a lot of people use the traditional products such as invermectin, advocate, drontal, panacur, milbemax and other generic dewormers once again I uncovered so many dog owners whose dogs had suffered nasty side effects from repeatedly taking strong chemicals, after bad advice from vets and other industry ‘professionals’.

Here I will tell you about side effects of chemical dewormers and the best alternative and natural dog wormer treatment.

Dog wormer tablets and creams can be dangerous

Just as with my previous research on the dangers of traditional flea treatments, I began to find out more and more that while many dog owners do use these products successfully, there are many cases of dogs having fits, being very ill due to use of traditional dog wormers and their side effects. This can happen even after years of using the product with no previous problems, and again this is due to the fact that the continuous build up of these dangerous chemical can eventually cause overload on organs or the nervous system.

Symptoms that your dog may be reacting badly to worming tablets include:

  • Skin irritations or bumps
  • Excessively hyper
  • Organ Problems, Kidney Problems

More serious allergic reactions symptoms

  • Head pressing or head shaking
  • Excessive Vomiting (If this happens once or twice just stop giving the medicine, if it keeps happening call a vet)
  • Fits, Drooling and Shivering
  • Excessive Diarrhoea (If this happens once or twice just stop giving the medicine, if it keeps happening call a vet)
  • Weakness

Usually symptoms stop when you stop giving the medicine. Symptoms in bold are of course particularly dangerous and if your dog starts reacting like that after applying it please call a vet.

I have heard of many people experiencing projectile vomiting and so on and if this happens to your dog please do not continue to give him or her the wormer. If it was a topically applied wormer please wash your dog immediately.

If you’d like a little science to back this up check out this link from the American Working Collie Assosiation.  It’s related to Collies because the site for Collie owners, but it highlights the dangers (and sadly collie deaths) from using invermectin (one of the famous dewormer brands) and it applies to all dogs!

Please be aware that you do need to worm your dogs but can I urge you to think about natural alternatives and treatments, particularly if your dog has already shown some of the symptoms above after applying something or giving him or her worming tablets,

Click to see what alternative product I use for safe natural Deworming or read on to find out more about worms, why I strongly believe choosing natural worming products is better and foods you can give your dog to help them stay worm free.

More about Worms

You may not know this but even your new puppy can be infected by parasitic worms from the moment he or she is born, or even when he or she is a foetus in the mother’s womb. Shockingly, dog worms cause thousands of canine deaths every year. Worms of course can also be found in adult dogs. Dealing with parasites such as worms is very important to keep your dog happy and healthy but at the same time resisting the many chemicals normally prescribed can be confusing. Worms are a serious issue since they can be passed from pet to pet or even to humans.  Sadly my friend once lost a beloved puppy to worms.

That said, many chemical dewormers nowadays that cause more harm than good to your furry babies. They may contain carcinogenic substances that may cause cancer, weakness and other diseases, and I’ve heard of more and more dogs who are reacting badly to invermectin, drontal and generic brand deworming tablets and creams.  Pups, like children, are even more sensitive to harsh chemicals found in dog worming creams and pills so its important to take care when worming puppies.

To me, and probably to you if you are reading this, finding an effective natural cure for your beloved pooch is very important.  Scroll down to find out what I now use as a safe wormer for dogs or read on to find out more about worms, what they do and how.

Understanding Dog Worms and Parasites

Safe dog dewormer

You can get rid of dog worms safely.

There are several parasites that may find your dog as a host to live in. They need blood and nutrients to survive. Once they enter your dog’s body, they would start feeding off of his blood and consuming his energy. These worms sometimes have sharp teeth that cause tears in your dog’s internal organs like the digestive tract, heart, lungs and liver.

Worms can be microscopic in size and can contracted by mere transference from the mother’s tissues to the dog fetus even during conception. Small puppies are normally infected with worms.

Heartworms – These worms are normally contracted from mosquito bites. They are normally transmitted through the bloodstream and then as the blood goes through the heart the worms’ egg implant themselves there. Once the eggs hatch they feed on the dog’s heart and blood. These may cause severe weakness and even death if untreated.

If your dog already had heartworms this cannot be treated by most medication, including the natural ones mentioned here. If you suspect your dog has heartworms please go to the vet immediately.

Roundworms – Puppies normally have these kinds of worms. The mother dog may them on from the womb to the pup. These deadly worms can travel around the body of dog. It can go through the heart, lungs, liver, kidney and back to the stomach and intestines. These parasites can cause painful illnesses such as vomiting and nausea, diarrhoea, heart and lung disease as well as gastro enteritis. These can also be picked up from ingesting soil that is infected with the said worms.

Whipworms – These are long whip like worms that can travel very agilely in the body due to their very thin body. They can be contracted by eating or playing in soil that has whipworms in it. These pests can cause your dog to vomit, have bloody and loose stool, dehydration, blood loss and death in most untreated cases.

Hookworms – These worms can enter your dog’s body from his paws or skin because the worms can enter skin openings. These are also passed from the placenta of the mother dog to the puppies when they are born. These parasites often live inside the dog’s stomach which causes severe diarrhoea, internal bleeding or death.

Tapeworms – These parasitic worms are normally carried by fleas. They may implant eggs in your pet’s skin or being eaten in some way. If your dog ingests a small rodent that has fleas in it, they will get tapeworms. They are bigger worms and drink a lot of blood. They can cause acute symptoms but may lead to severe problems if their population grows inside your dog. These are the kind of worms that can be seen by the naked eye.

Symptoms of Worm Infestation

Worms can sometimes live in your beloved dog without you detecting them until it is too late. If you pet has worms he or she will start to feel weak and out of sync. He or she may lose weight. In severe cases he may vomit or poop blood. Here are the common symptoms:

  • Loss of energy or appetite
  • Weight loss or inability to gain weight
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Shedding severely or getting an uneven coat
  • Pot belly
  • Coughing
  • Skin rashes or itching

How to Safely Deworm Your Doggie

Safe ways of getting rid of worms in dogs.

Safe ways of getting rid of worms in dogs

Getting rid of those unwanted worms is very important to make sure your dog lives long and happy. Untreated worms can lead to serious problems. Worms can be passed on to other pets or even to your family members.

Once a puppy is about two weeks old, he or she can be dewormed. After two more weeks another dose should be administered. The dog may encounter worms again the future so this step needs to be repeated every three months to avoid getting any worms or parasites in them. If you detect worms as well or symptoms related to worms, you must take immediate action. Most veterinarians use chemical dewormers that may harm your dog, especially puppies.

Just as with flea and tick products such as frontline, they have to be applied regularly and this dose of insecticides can build up inside them and start to make them ill, some dogs can even have adverse reactions after just a few treatments of chemical dog wormers.

Happily I have discovered that there are natural effective methods and foods that you can use to deworm your pet. The food below is not enough by itself, so I recommend a natural medicine like the one below to go with them.

As with the natural cures for flea treatments in dogs, the natural way can be a little longer however its safer to approach the problem holistically, and it doesn’t have to be too complex, here’s what I do to keep my dogs free from worms naturally:

Good Anti Worm Foods

I use these foods in conjunction with a natural remedy for dog worms:

Pumpkin seeds – These can dried in the oven or you may purchase dried ones. You may ground them and mix them in your dog’s food. These promote a healthy intestinal tract and help expel worms.

Chamomile – This can be a bit tricky to administer. You can use it as a tea and cool it to let your dog drink it. You may ground it up to mix into his food.

Food high in Probiotics – Vegetables such as shredded carrots, shredded broccoli can be added to your dog’s food to promote a good flora in his stomach.

Deworming medicine that contains natural and SAFE ingredients

After much research I found this excellent deworming product and so far my doggies have been completely worm free much to the amazement of my vet. This product is human grade and DOES NOT have substances that cause organ damage.

I now use this product to de worm my dogs – HW Protect Natural formula

Its easy to use (a few drops goes in the food and my fussy boys and girls don’t seem to notice it), effective (no worms for my doggies or my friend’s dogs who are using it, yay!) and safe.  Better still as its a natural product it actually works to improve your dogs immune system and overall health, so much better than gradually stressing it with more and more chemicals!

Please note that if your dog already has heartworms this will not cure it, it is a preventative as are most if not all normal worm treatments, in this case please visit your veterinarian straight away.


Natural Dewormers That can be Harmful to Your Dog

Not all dewormers are safe. Even some which are labelled as natural may contain harmful substances that may harm your pet.

Oregon Grape – These herb does an effective job of ridding your pet from worms. On the other hand, it causes liver problems. Do not give this treatment to dogs who are having health issues or are pregnant.

Safe Alternatives and experiences with traditional worming products

HW Protect Natural formula

Have you got any experiences with dog worming issues or natural alternatives?  Please share your stories and comments below to help others. I will also try and reply to any questions.

The Death of My Puppy Milo


The Death of My Puppy Milo

This story was shared to me by one of my friends who had some shih tzus. She wrote this story for me so that people who will read it will learn about doggie worms and how it took away one of her beloved pets.

dog death due to wormsA few months ago my dog Princess got pregnant. I was so excited about having puppies. It felt so great to have our family become big

ger. Princess had three puppies they were so adorable and cute. I named them Oreo, Bingo and Milo. They all seemed happy and content. I was so excited to play with them. The puppies grew fast.

After two weeks from being born I observed that Milo was not as active he seemed to be sick and sad all the time. I tried my best to cheer him up. He seemed to be losing weight. He had not ticks or fleas so I did not know what to do anymore. I decided to bring him to the vet. He had worms. He had round worms and tape worms. It was pretty bad. I saw him wanting to fight for his life and live. I tried to give him milk since he could not suck from Princess since he was now much smaller than Oreo and Bingo. They sometimes picked on him which made me so sad. I just wanted to cry. I used a syringe to give him milk but he could not take it. I felt frustrated because I did not want him to die. I got sick to at that time. I had severe strep throat. The doctor said I was about to be a goner but luckily I got better. But Milo was just getting worse and worse. We decided to just bring him back to the vet and have him confined. It really broke my heart to leave him there. He was so small and fragile. He cried a lot. He wanted his mommy. We tried to visit him every day.

On the fifth day of his confinement, we received a shocking text message, Milo is gone. If only I had treated him early for worms. I only had brought him to the vet. If I had tried some natural remedies like dried pumpkin seeds in their water or food. He might have survived. I just did not know what to do since he was so small and was just starting to eat and most often just drank milk from his mom. It was so heartbreaking. I cried and cried for several days and could not just move on.

Now I try to give me dogs some natural anti-worm products. I give them one I got from the internet. It made them stronger. I just cannot take losing another pet. I love them so much. I hope this story helps you fight for your beloved doggies. A death of a pet is not just a death of an animal, it’s a death of a loved one. It really tears you apart.

dog death due to wormsOur pets deserve the best from the moment they are born. Usually they cannot fight for themselves because they can’t talk or speak. They just suffer in silence. Sometimes we give them stuff that is bad for them but they just take it since they don’t want to disappoint us.

The death of Milo taught me many things. It has taught me that life is precious and that every minute counts. The more we delay treating our pets the more they get sick.

My friend Laura is now trying to pick up the pieces. Her dogs are now happy and healthy. She tries to give them organic food and food supplements to fight any sicknesses.

Best Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs

Best Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs

The Best Natural Flea Treatments for Dogs

Hopefully you’ve already read or know about the dangerous effects of flea treatments such as Frontline or Frontline Plus, Advantix and many other well known products. Now that you know that these products are not safe, you are probably wondering what is the safest and best natural flea treatment for dogs?

I’ve researched and found the answers for you (below) but first a few things to be aware of…

Don’t just pick something because it says it is natural and organic, I’ve read of dogs having very similar reactions to that of frontline plus when using organic neem oil.  Any strong chemical that affects the nervous system of fleas can also harm the nervous system of your dog and even you and your children and I will provide a list of products to avoid below. Luckily I recently discovered diatomaceous earth for fleas and some other safe and natural products you can use and I will tell you more about it after some general flea treatment tips.

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Frontline Plus For Dogs – Reviews

teddy-242851_640Frontline Plus for Dogs – in this review is everything you need to know about Frontline Plus, from safety and effectiveness to how it works and where you can buy it for the best price.

If you’ve reached this site the chances are that your dog has fleas and/or ticks and you are trying to find out if Merial’s Frontline Plus for dogs is the best solution for your canine friend. Well don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place! I have three dogs (a dachshund called Topsy, a mongrel called Jumble and a husky Alsatian cross called Finn), and particularly as we live in the countryside, they have had many problems with fleas and ticks in the past.

URGENT NOTICE! I’ve recently discovered that Frontline Plus, Advantix, Bio Spot and many other flea treatment products are UNSAFE! Read this article to learn more – Is Frontline Plus for Dogs Safe?

Are fleas and ticks dangerous for dogs?

Fleas are not only uncomfortable for your pet, but can cause or lead to conditions and diseases such as Flea Allergy Dermatitis, anaemia, tapeworm infestation and rickettsiosis. Furthermore, tick bites can result in lymes disease which if left untreated can be fatal, as well as other nasty diseases so there is a good reason to treat your dog/s as soon as possible!
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Getting Rid Of Fleas

Guest Post by Fabian M

There’s nothing worse than lying on the couch, scratching your dogs head when you feel something tickling the hair on your arm and that’s when you see it. That little black spot on your arm you realize is a flea. Realizing your dog has fleas can often put you into a panic that makes you want to throw every fabric surface in the house, from the sofa to the pillow dog beds, outside and douse it with bleach, but don’t worry. Recovering from a flea infestation is a simple, but painstaking process.

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