I Can’t Sleep – An Insomniac’s Story

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A guest article by Kaitlin Tanlow “I Can’t Sleep!” “Sometimes I have nights when I can’t sleep. Being a stay at home mother and wife, I cannot be inconvenienced with insomnia, yet unfortunately, there are nights when sleep eludes me. During these nights, I must find an ideal treatment to allow me to sleep and […]

Sleep Apnea Symptoms

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Think you or a loved one may be suffering from sleep apnea? Find out the sleep apnea symptoms as well as the various treatments. An estimated 12 to 18 million people in the United States experience moderate to severe sleep apnea, according to the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research. Sleep apnea is a sleep […]

Insomnia And Treatment – What is the Right Cure for Treating Insomnia?

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Insomnia is a more common problem than many realize, affecting up to one in three adults at some point during their life – find out all the info about insomnia and treatment here. Some studies have shown that women are more prone to experiencing insomnia, especially as they age, however men and children can also […]

Cures for Insomnia – How to Choose the Best Treatment

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Insomnia affects many people, and can really change the way we live our lives, leaving us unmotivated, depressed and even ill. This website gives you info on the various cures for insomnia, written by an ex insomniac (me!) Cures For Insomnia – What Insomnia Does To You Adults should sleep between seven and nine hours […]

Pet Therapy – How Can Pets Help Us Fight Stress?

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Having a fur baby is one of the best things that can ever happen to anyone. Sure you’ll be spending a lot of money on pet food, vet visits, grooming and all the other things your baby would need but you’d also get something priceless – unconditional love. Dogs and even cats are loving animals […]

Can Your Dog Understand You?

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Any dog parent has probably wondered if their fur baby understood them or not. Many have often wondered if a dog can understand human speech, emotions and actions. Scientists and veterinarians have tried to experiment and investigate to understand the canine species and know if they can understand their owners words and feelings. Dogs are […]

Is Frontline Safe For Dogs and Children?


Is Frontline Safe? – If you read nothing else please read this! I’ve used Frontline Plus spot on for my dogs for years and seen no adverse effects, and many vets recommend this product and so I wholeheartedly was going to recommend it. However upon researching for this site I have discovered some shocking news […]

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How is Your Dog’s Dental Health?

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Your dog has teeth. This is a fact. And if your dog has teeth, then he needs dental care. But you ask, “Is the dental health of my dog really important?” The answer is YES! Your dog’s dental health is very important. A pet’s dental health is one of the most neglected yet one of […]

Why is My Pet Not Eating and What to Do?

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There are many reasons why your pets may not be eating. If your pet is not eating, his or her health may suffer. This may lead to severe weight loss, sickness and eventual death. Identifying the reason why he or she is not eating is very important in order for you to help him or […]

Preparing Your Own Dog Food

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Have you ever wondered what goes into that can of wet dog food or that bag of kibbles? You have probably tried to read those small letters on the back of the label to figure out what goes into the food of your furry baby. Probably your dog also wonders what goes into that dog […]