Best Sleep Aid – A Sleep Aid that Actually WorksBest Sleep Aid – A Sleep Aid that Actually Works

My name is Marianne, thanks for stopping by my blog on cures for insomnia.  I’ve tried many sleep aids out there, some with better success than others, here I’d like to tell you about the best sleep aid I have found, which has made a hugedifference to my life.

I used to take sleeping pills and also over the counter sleep aids, but in the end these just made me worse.  Sleeping pills caused a horrible addiction, which left me feeling anxious and eventually unable to sleep at all.

Some over the counter sleep aids did help, (melatonin and antihistamines were the best), but they were not a long-term solution, making me depend upon them for dropping off.  Natural remedies did help, but not enough to stop me relying on things like sleeping pills and OTC meds.

What finally cured my insomnia was an amazing brain training sleep system called Sleep Tracks.  I tried other sleep aids that helped a bit, and I definitely recommend trying meditation, but this really made all the difference and is the best sleep aid that I’ve come across.

Insomnia was ruining my marriage and my career

Balancing a family and a high-pressured job is never easy, but when you can’t sleep it becomes incredibly stressful.  I’d lie awake worrying about not sleeping, and in the mornings feel exhausted and miserable.

I found myself snapping at my husband and not being able to be there for my kids.  Not only that but my work was suffering and people were starting to notice, adding to my stress and making sleep all the more elusive!

I began to think that I was destined to always be a bad sleeper, maybe there was something wrong with me.

I did usually sleep for a few hours a night, but one night I felt strangely wide awake and decided to look for the best sleep aid I could find on the internet and that’s when I discovered…

…the best sleep aid that would change my life forever

Upon searching online forums, and finding many other insomniacs going through the same thing, I saw various sleep aids and products mentioned, with some positive comments and some negative comments.

One product in particular really stood out, with really great reviews and feedback from many people saying that it was the best sleep aid and that was Sleep Tracks.

It’s a very powerful, and totally natural insomnia cure, with a great brain training program (sounds complicated but it isn’t, it involves listening to mp3s with special music frequencies called isochronic tones that train your brain and also very comforting words and relaxation) to calm and soothe you and help you fall asleep quickly and effortlessly.

I’ve tried other sleep aids before with varying success but I decided to give this one a go, and thank heaven I did!  I began to notice improvements after just a few weeks, and by the third week one day I fell asleep within five minutes of going to bed – something I haven’t experienced since being a child – truly making me feel like I’d found the best sleep aid ever!

Best Sleep Aid – My conclusion

That was 6 months ago, and now I feel like a normal, and very happy person who can live life to the fullest.  My husband and children are also much happier now, and my job is going smoothly.  It’s amazing the difference a good night’s sleep can make for your life!

UPDATE: It’s been ten months since I bought sleeptracks. Although the course worked well from early on, I found I did need to keep listening to the mp3s, which Yan says is normal for many people.

The best news is that at about 7 months in I decided to stop listening to the tracks, and I can still sleep!  I’ve had the odd sleepless night still but then I just listen to the mp3 again and so far so good. I can hardly believe how well it has worked after trying so many things in the past!!

If you suffer from insomnia I highly recommend you give Sleep Tracks a try, it’s much better than taking pills or chemicals, with no side effects, and best of all means that you get a proper, restful and natural sleep instead of a drug induced one.

Don’t let insomnia needlessly ruin your life, I know how it feels and now there is no need, as you can become a good sleeper in just a short time with the best sleep aidI’ve found.

Good luck and please do leave me a comment or feel free to ask a question! Or for more info take a look at our guest post by ex insomniac Kate who shares her experience with this wonderful sleep aid.

Marianne Austen

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