Can Your Dog Understand You?Can Your Dog Understand You?

chihuahua-1850477_640Any dog parent has probably wondered if their fur baby understood them or not. Many have often wondered if a dog can understand human speech, emotions and actions. Scientists and veterinarians have tried to experiment and investigate to understand the canine species and know if they can understand their owners words and feelings.

Dogs are apparently one of the smartest species aside from humans and primates. They have large heads which are well proportioned to their bodies which means that they also have large brains. They can do tricks, be trained, help people and even rescue individuals in times of emergencies. There is no doubt dogs can comprehend things.

Can Dogs Understand Emotions?

Emotions are universal specially for mammals. We all feel hunger, love, pain, sadness and anxiety. Cats, dogs, hamsters, elephants, monkeys and humans feel emotions. Even though other animals may not be able to speak or move like humans, they sure can understand feelings.

Dogs are very good at detecting emotions. They normally sense when their owners are angry, happy or sad. At times, the dog’s temperament is a reflection of how his or her owner behaves.

1. Happiness – Dogs know if you are happy because they can sense the amount of energy you have and the way you smile. Dogs feel happy too if their owners are happy.

2. Sadness – Dogs are the best companions in times of pain, misery and sorrow. A lot of times, your dog can sense the loneliness that you feel even if others around you cannot do so. Studies have shown that dogs are also good at lifting your spirits when you feel down. Dog owners are likely to feel less depressed than those who do not own dogs.

3. Anger – Dogs are very sensitive to anger. They can cower or even retaliate even if you are not directly angry at them. They can sense the aggression in you and can become aggressive themselves.

4. Fear – Dogs are most sensitive to fear. They can actually smell fear. Like bees, dogs have a special instinct when it comes to fear. They know that if their owner is fearful, they must help them. On the other hand, if the fear is coming from a stranger, dogs may attack to protect their home and family.

Can Dogs Understand Human Speech?

girl-636874_640For many, many years dogs have lived with humans and served many domestic purposes. Dogs have been used as police dogs, guide dogs, farm dogs, sheep herders, playmates and dogs are even friends. Through many years of being exposed to humans, dogs have learned to interpret human speech and words into commands and actions. They have also learned to associate objects with words.

Being man’s best friend has allowed the domestic dog who came from a wild wolf to get to understand human speech. According to studies an average dog can recall about 165 words. A dog can even learn more words if his human parent takes time to teach him.

One very famous dog known as Rico joined a TV show and showed that he could remember 200 words. After that show, he got training and was able to recall more words. Another dog from South Carolina named Chaser, a Boarder Collie was able to remember about 1022 words.

This means that dog can understand human speech. Scientists also trained 13 dogs to lie still for an MRI scan. They found out that dogs recall and understand words similar to how humans do. Their right brain processes the emotion related to the word and their left brain tries to interpret it. When the two sides of the brain are in sync, the dogs felt happy with understanding the word.

How Can You Make Your Dog Understand You?

In order for your dog to understand both your emotions, messages and words, you need to have a special bond with him. Training can help the dog unlock his intelligence. Spending time with your dog fosters familiarity which fosters understanding.

Yes your dog can understand you. Most of the time a dog can love you way more than any other human can. For your dog, you are his life and light. He will do anything and everything for you so try to understand him too. Get to know his likes and dislikes. What he wants to play with or how he likes to play. Spend time with him on walks. Dogs are one of the best things that have ever happened to this planet, treasure yours.

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