Dog Food Irritations: Allergies and IntoleranceDog Food Irritations: Allergies and Intolerance


Having several dogs meant that I really have to look out for my beloved babies health. They like eating meat and dry dog food alike. It was kind of tricky to zero in on what caused the problem. I did a bit of digging to find out what was making my pooches sick. I just want to share the stuff I found out.

If you just want to know which natural brand of (raw) dog food I now use and recommend for dogs that have allergies, its Wysong

dog food allergiesDog Food Allergies:

Dog food allergies are caused when an ingredients or several ingredients are seen by the dog’s body as a threat. This causes the body of your pet to produce histamine. Histamine production causes your dog to experience itchiness all over his body particularly on his face, paws and butt. His stomach are which does not have fur may also turn red. Histamine production helps fight treats in the body of your dog, unfortunately in this case even unharmful substances are seen as threats and thus causing his or her body to attack itself. Another common symptom would be ear itch. Your dog may try to scratch his or her ear a lot. You have the option of either administering medicines to your dog, which did not go so well for me since they really hate being forced to swallow those funny looking liquids. On the other hand you can try to eliminate the irritant totally by switching to food that does not cause allergies.

Signs of Dog Food Allergies:

  • Itchiness around the ear areas
  • Itchiness and redness around the belly and groin area or that part may be inflamed and warm
  • Chewing their paws or licking them
  • Scratching their butts and redness in the area; chasing their rear end a lot
  • Fur falling off; specially around the face and ears
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty of breathing
  • Watery eyes and nose; respiratory indicators

Dog Food Intolerance


Dog food intolerance is another scenario that your beloved doggie may go through. He may start vomiting, getting runny poop or feeling dizzy and fatigued. One best example is lactose intolerance. This is when the sugar in milk cannot be broken down in your dog’s tummy because he or she is missing an enzyme to metabolize milk. This is also the similar issue in humans.

Signs of Dog Food Intolerance

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Flatulence
  • Sluggishness

Curing Dog Food Allergies and Intolerance

Dogs are animals who have existed for thousands of years way before the commercial dog food was made. Back then, dogs where given natural and organic food. Their meals consisted of fresh meat and bone. The enzymes, amino acids and nutrients found in these food helped them to be strong and combat sickness. Unfortunately, these days, dog food that contain ingredients that normally would not cause sickness when eaten raw or fresh now threaten dogs when fed as a dog food kibble. They are cooked in factories and exposed to chemicals, ultra high temperatures and mixed with preservatives hence they become irritants to the dog’s body.

Common Allergens and Irritants are as follows:

  • Fish and seafood such as shellfish
  • Lamb and sheep
  • Beef
  • Chicken and some poultry
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Yeast
  • Milk
  • Soy

Dog food allergyTo cure dog food allergies and irritants, one must change the pet’s diet to eliminate the cause of your dog’s sickness. Dogs suffers a great deal when they encounter allergies and intolerance to food.

Fresh or raw food You may have seen champion breeds who are given fresh meat every day to improve their coat and make them strong. Raw meat has live enzymes that can help the dog live happy and healthy. This also strengthens their bones and teeth. The downside though to raw meat would may have worms that may live inside the meat and may transfer to your pet. Always remember to deworm your dog every three months or provide regular food that helps fight parasites in them.

Fortunately I have found a great of raw dog food that is manufactured using no high heat treatments that well cooks the food and removes the enzymes we want our pets to get. This raw food I found from Wysong is really good because its safe from any parasites coming from unchecked meats. It has probiotics that is good for my chihuahua.

Organic Dog Food – These food are specially made without any preservatives they are made much like the organic food that humans consume. They can be a mix of meat and vegetables so that your dog can achieve optimal heath. I personally prefer this kind of food.

Hypoallergenic Dog Food – These kind of dog food is made of protein that is hydrolyzed. Once hydrolyzed the protein is much easier to digest and does not combine to bodily antibodies and would not be detected as allergens or threats

Novel Dog Foods – Since most common dog food contain allergens, using novel food items such as buffalo meat or pheasant poultry to make the dog food allows the dog’s system to pass the food as not harmful. They are now used by the body easier. The downside here is that these are quiet expensive and hard to find.

Limited Ingredients Dog Food – This kind of dog food only contain one or two ingredients. In this way you can isolate what your dog is allergic of easily and since it only has one or two ingredients. The chances of your dog’s body identifying the food as an irritant is slim because you would automatically know if it’s a go or no go because there is a limited number of stuff that go in there. The dog’s body does not feel the need to go through a lot of steps to break down the food as well.

Dog food allergies and intolerances are painful experiences your dog would never want to go through. Having one of my dogs suffer this problem was heart wrenching for me. It was good that I was able to resolve this issue by replacing his food. He is now strong happy and healthy. I hope this tips would help you raise you pooch into a strong and joyful pet.

Do Vets know which foods are good?

Just a word of advice, In the UK we were advised by our vets that brands like Royal Canin and other very expensive ones that vets always sell, are very good for your dog, but with investigation I discovered that Royal Canin and others are VERY high in fat and not that great at all.  I was using Lily’s Organic Pet food which I think is a good balance of food and definitely better than the UK favourite Pedigree Chum (McDonalds of pet food it turns out)

Anyway in the US I now use WYSONG, see below

Check out natural and safe dog food here which I give to my husky cross dog who has food allergies (and my fussy chihuahua!)

What food do you feed your dogs?  Have you had problems with food allergies and intolerances? let us know!

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