Frontline Plus For Dogs – ReviewsFrontline Plus For Dogs – Reviews

teddy-242851_640Frontline Plus for Dogs – in this review is everything you need to know about Frontline Plus, from safety and effectiveness to how it works and where you can buy it for the best price.

If you’ve reached this site the chances are that your dog has fleas and/or ticks and you are trying to find out if Merial’s Frontline Plus for dogs is the best solution for your canine friend. Well don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place! I have three dogs (a dachshund called Topsy, a mongrel called Jumble and a husky Alsatian cross called Finn), and particularly as we live in the countryside, they have had many problems with fleas and ticks in the past.

URGENT NOTICE! I’ve recently discovered that Frontline Plus, Advantix, Bio Spot and many other flea treatment products are UNSAFE! Read this article to learn more – Is Frontline Plus for Dogs Safe?

Are fleas and ticks dangerous for dogs?

Fleas are not only uncomfortable for your pet, but can cause or lead to conditions and diseases such as Flea Allergy Dermatitis, anaemia, tapeworm infestation and rickettsiosis. Furthermore, tick bites can result in lymes disease which if left untreated can be fatal, as well as other nasty diseases so there is a good reason to treat your dog/s as soon as possible!

Which flea and tick product do you recommend?

IMPORTANT! Although I have used Merial’s Frontline Plus for Dogs on my pets, after extensive research I have found out that many dogs are suffering seizures and in rare cases death after using flea treatments that contain organophosphates (in particular frontline and frontline plus and advantix, but many other flea treatments as well.)

These dangerous pesticides and poisons are not only potentially harmful to your dogs but also to yourselves and particularly children and pregnant women.  Read about the safety issues with many flea treatments for dogs. More information is coming shortly that will offer suitable alternatives for de-fleaing your dogs.

I’ve tried several flea and tick products and found that Merial Frontline for Dogs is not only the most effective, but also the safest choice for you and your pets and I highly recommend it.  I also really love the fact that it is waterproof as Finn in particular loves a swim when we are out on walks!

It’s taken me a long time to find out everything I need to know about flea and tick control and prevention but you can benefit from my knowledge! I’ll share with you my findings on flea and tick control and also answer the most common questions that dog owners have,

  • such as comparing the effectiveness and safety of various treatments, eg:
  • Frontline vs Frontline Plus,
  • K9 Advantix and Advantage
  • Pet Armour
  • How Frontline plus for dogs works,
  • How long it takes to kill the fleas and ticks,
  • How to apply Frontline Plus,
  • How often it can be used,
  • What is the active ingredient
  • Where to buy cheap Frontline Plus

How does Frontline Plus for Dogs work?

Frontline plus uses a combined action to kill the fleas and ticks living on your dog and also kills the eggs and larvae of fleas.  This is achieved by the use of two chemicals – S-Methoprene and Fipronil (see below for safety details).

This dual action is very important in successfully ridding your dog of fleas, since the adult fleas visible are only about 5% of the total population. This is because there will probably be eggs on your dog which last for about 10 days, and will most likely also be larvae and pupae. Not many people know that the flea remains hidden on their dogs in the pupae stage for about 4-5 months – so your dog may have had these critters way before you noticed an adult flea! The S-Methoprene stops pupae from growing into adults, while the Friponil is a slow acting poison which will kill the entire colony of adult fleas.

How long does it take to kill fleas and ticks using Frontline Plus?

The great news is that this product works quickly and effectively. Frontline state that 100% of all fleas are killed within 12 hours of application. I have found that to be the case, but sometimes if the fleas have really taken a hold your dogs may keep itching for longer (about 2 days) because they are experiencing an allergic reaction to the flea saliva.

However, just treating your dog is not enough to deal with fleas, so you need to make sure that you have vacuumed and cleaned your whole house, because if flea eggs are living in the carpet (gross but it happens!) then the process will of course begin again.  This is VERY IMPORTANT and often people that say Frontline Plus hasn’t worked have not managed to get all the fleas out from their carpet and soft furnishings.

Additionally you must make sure that all pets have been treated, Merial also do a product for cats which I haven’t personally used, not having any cats at the moment!

Frontline Plus For DogsIs Frontline Plus Safe for Dogs?

No! and it’s not safe for humans either. Read more about the dangers of Frontline Plus and other flea treatments.

Frontline plus, like most anti flea and tick treatments, contains pesticides, which are strong chemicals that kill unwanted things. Pesticides like S-Methoprene (one of the active ingredients in frontline plus) are used in modern farming. That being said, pesticides are not the nicest thing to be putting on our skins or that of our pets. However, fleas bring dangers of their own (see the 2nd paragraph for diseases transmitted by fleas) and so we need to weigh up the pros and cons of using these chemicals, and I have not personally had any problems using Frontline. If you can control your pet’s flea infestation using methods such as bathing the dog and vacuuming then do so, but for many of us this is unfortunately not an option

I endorse Frontline Plus above other treatments such as Advantix (made by Advantage) as this contains Permethrin which is fully recognized as toxic to cats. Even if you don’t have cats yourself it seems irresponsible to put this chemical on your dogs if there is a chance they may come into contact with cats.

Is Frontline Plus effective and how does this compare to Advantix and other flea and tick treatments?

Before I knew about the toxicity of Advantix’s ingredients, I did try K9 advantix and found it less effective than Frontline Plus as the protection seemed to wear off very quickly, unlike Merial’s product which keeps my dogs flea and tick free for a month at a time.  Many other pet owners that I have spoken with agreed with this and I have since found scientific research backing this up – here is the technical article for anyone interested

How to Apply Frontline Plus for Dogs

It’s easy to apply this to your pet, just follow the simple instructions below:

1. Firstly make sure you have the appropriate product for your dog’s weight. Frontline Plus has four different products that actually contain the same thing but come in the right quantity for your pet.

  • Orange for Dogs up to 22lbs (10kg)
  • Blue for Dogs 23 – 44lbs (10 – 20kg)
  • Purple for Dogs 45 – 88lbs (20kg-40kg)
  • Red for Dogs 89 – 132 lbs (40-60kg)

2. Remove an applicator from the package (you will need to cut or lift the plastic tab to get at the foil. Then peel down.

3. Make sure to hold the applicator upright and snap the tip away from your face and body

4. Insert the applicator tip through the dog’s hair to the skin between the shoulder blades (this is important, you must get the lotion on the skin otherwise it won’t work). Squeeze the applicator and apply the entire contents in a single spot.

Done! As long as you have vacuumed and washed all the soft furnishings in your house that your pet comes into contact with, and treated all cats and dogs that you have, your doggie should hopefully be flea and tick free in 12 hours.  Although Frontline Plus is waterproof, do allow 24hrs before bathing your dog or allowing him or her to have a swim.

How often should you apply Frontline Plus for dogs?

Apply it once a month – any more often and it could be harmful, less often and you may find ticks and fleas reappearing.

Where to buy Cheap Frontline Plus

Please think carefully before buying this product, cheap or otherwise.

The only downside to this product is that it is not cheap and so you may be asking yourself where can I buy cheap Frontline Plus? A better question to ask is where can I get the lowest price on Frontline plus, because some people have tried cheap generics that appear to have the same ingredients as Frontline, but my vet and other veterinarians have recommended against it because if the quantities or other ingredients vary then it could affect not only the effectiveness but also more importantly, the safety of the product.

The place that I always get my Frontline Plus from is Amazon which is much cheaper than pet shops and other places I have found online, and I know that the seller is reputable. Be wary of unusally cheap frontline prices online if you don’t know whether you can trust the website or vendor. If you have the money up front it is good value to buy the larger packs (3, 6 and 12 packs), and this will also save you the hassle of reordering so soon.

Frontline Plus for Dogs Review Summary

Frontline Plus for Dogs is not safe and the same goes for any other flea treatments, collars, shampoos, sprays and spot on products that contain dangerous pesticides.

All in all after years of experience in owning dogs and trying different flea and tick control products, I can highly recommend Merial’s frontline and frontline plus for dogs. As fleas and ticks can cause dangerous diseases in dogs is crucial that you stop infestations and repel ticks as quickly as possible and Frontline Plus is the best product I have found for doing this.

Furthermore if you buy Frontline Plus for dogs (3 pack or 6 pack) and for any reason are not happy with it, Merial actually offer a money back guarantee – I’ve never had to use this so can’t comment on it, but it’s good to know it’s there.

Buy cheap Frontline Plus for Dogs from a reputable seller.

Find out more about the safety of Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix, Bio Spot and other Flea treatments

Or read about the best natural flea treatments for dogs that I’ve found since discovering the dangers of Frontline Plus.

41 thoughts on “Frontline Plus For Dogs – Reviews”

  1. Frank Routh says:

    we switched from Resolution to Front Line because we found a tic on our cat(Resolution is only for fleas, not tick control.); this was at our vets recomendation. After the second dose, he got very sick. The vet first thought he had FIP, which is a deadly virus. He recovered and we then gave him his next dose of Frontline and he became sick again. Once again the Vet said he had FIP and and he would be dead within months. After his recovery we decided to forgo any other flea treatments thinking he’s gonna be dead in a few months anyway, he was 20 months old at the time. He is now 29 months old, in good health and not been sick since that last treatment. Another Vet we talked with said not to give him any flea control medicines, he has five cats and doesn’t use any of the products. I believe it’s a marketing ploy and a way for Vets to make additional income by recommending these products.

    1. Kathy says:

      Yes I think you are right! Also like doctors, vets are sometimes unwilling to accept that what they learnt in vet school isn’t always correct, despite the evidence of so many dog and cat owners. I’m glad your doggie is well now and thanks for sharing your story.

    2. tonyfrank603@g m says:

      I live in northern New Hampshire,when I brought my dog to mass for a visit,he got infested with deer to ticks.he’s a wolf hybrid.I used frontline plus on him and it almost killed him.the vet would not admit it was the frontline,he just wanted to put the dog down.I ended up taking him to a vet hospital .they broke the fever but I still can’t get him to eat anything,it’s been 2wks since he’s eaten

  2. Linda says:

    My 9 month old mixed dog had a very severe reaction to Frontline Spot on after the vet upped the dose. He was 45 lbs and was doing fine on the lower dosage. After they gave him the 45-88lb dose (who knows why) he developed a large hot spot on the point of application with total hair loss and red rash with a thickened skin and severe pain. He eventually developed a 105 fever, body tremors, vomiting and lethargy and more spots of hair loss. This started in March of this year 2012 and at present, May 4th, his entire body has patchy hair loss, redness at skin level, brown patches where new hair loss is starting and his hair is dry and brittle which used to be soft silky and gorgeous. I filed a complain with Merial after numerous tests, biopsies, 3 antibiotics, and steroids did nothing and the skin underneath the point of initial application is discolored and almost ‘burnt’ if you will with barely any hair growing on it. I have read numerous complaints from people and startling information from the EPA about changing the weight ratio of the dosage but also needs consideration of age when giving out these dosages. I have all the tests and photos from day 1 of my dog and someone will pay.

    1. Kathy says:

      Dear Linda

      Thanks for sharing your experience here, hopefully more and more people will find this site and realise the dangers of these products. I hope your dog is ok now.

    2. Nancy says:

      Sorry to hear about the problems you had with Frontline. We are getting together a group to fight Merial, the makers of Frontline. Please go to our Facebook page and post your story. The page is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poiosn. You can email me at if that would be better. Those photos you have would do us wonders with this lawsuit. Please, please contact me. Thank you

      1. Jean Thole says:

        Hello I just sent you a photo of our beloved cats neck after Frontline Plus was put on two weeks ago. I applaud you for doing something to help our fur babies!

    3. Nancy says:

      Please go to our website and post your story. Join our group. We have an attorney in New York who is taking our case. We just need more people to come forth and join us and tell their story. You will not have to testify or anything. Only tell your story and join us. Our website is Go to the last page (contact us) and fill out the form. This is poison to our pets and has to be removed from the market!! If you can help us it would be so appreciated.

      1. Jackie Minatra says:

        Nancy, I gave frontline to my Pug about 6 days ago and today she has extreme neurological problems — ataxia, stumbling, trembling, rear giving out, etc. I found your website and I immediately washed her in blue Dawn detergent…twice. She is standing a little better, but we will take her into the Vet tomorrow if she hasn’t improved. I’m just hoping the Frontline hasn’t damaged her liver and kidneys. This is ridiculous!

      2. Kathy says:

        Wondering what is transpiring with your lawyer? My seven year old HEALTHY cat died yesterday of kidney failure due to my applying Frontline Gold Cat flea product a few days ago. Words cannot express my sorrow and guilt…

        1. Kathy says:

          Condolences.Run free kitty and cross the rainbow bridge.Please don’t blame yourself. You only wanted to help your cat.

  3. wanda says:

    We have two corgis. One had never had a problem with frontline, but the other one had seizures. It always happens about two days after application. It took us a while to connect the frontline with the seizures, but we are now completely convinced.

    1. Kathy says:

      Thanks for sharing this! I’m so glad that people are figuring it out in time despite what the vets say.

      1. Nancy says:

        Please post your story on our Facebook page Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison or email me at We are getting a group together to fight Merial, the makers of Frontline. Please help us. Thank You!!

        1. Nancy says:

          We now have a website. Please go there to join us. The address is Go to the last page (contact us) and fill out the form. You WILL NOT have to testify only tell your story and join us.

          1. Kathy says:

            Thanks Nancy, your site is a great idea, best of luck with everything and let me know how it all goes. We will get justice for our pets!

  4. GJS says:

    Just applied Frontline Plus to our 80 lb. yellow Labrador, following the package instructions to the letter. Within two or three minutes of completing the application between the shoulder blades, ~1 mm above her skin (with her coat parted) we noticed that there was a streak of the medication going down her right side toward her hind leg. Being concerned that she might ingest the product through licking it, I immediately called Merial’s helpline (800.660.1842). After listening to a long list of instructions, there did not appear to be choice which covered the situation at hand. I hung up. Upon re-dialing, selected option “1” and hit the “0”. The person asked where we purchased the product. Stated that we purchased it at a major (name withheld) national farm store chain. She immediately responded with “Why didn’t you buy it from your veterinarian?” Explained that we were concerned that the product had run to where our Lab could possibly lick it (during her normal grooming). The answer was “It shouldn’t hurt her” — clearly not a definitive statement. Our response was “Why do you sell it to farm stores? Why not sell it only to veterinarians?” Not much of a response. Called our vet and explained that we would have bought it there when our Lab had her annual checkup (and we bought the Heartguard pills) a few weeks ago had we been aware that we would have encountered a tick issue this year. The vet’s office assured us that she would be OK. My concern is that Merial sells this product without proper screening of their outlets. Am very unhappy with Merial’s cavalier attitude of blaming us for buying their product at an improper outlet. Hopefully our Lab will be fine, but I will seek out other products in the future.

    1. Kathy says:

      yes that is crazy, as you say merial sell this product all over shops and the web so that was a totally inappropriate response from them. Thanks for sharing, hope your Lab is well x

  5. KLK says:

    Please please please DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! I recently purchased Frontline Plus for the first time, and used it on my 10 pound Yorkie (a rescue dog). Her light tan silky hair turned dark brown (right between shoulder blades). Her hair is also rough and wirey. The veterinarians said the discoloration is permanent. I called Frontline and they swore that they had never heard of anything like this happening before. A big fat lie. They also tried to absolve themselves from liability by telling me that I should have purchased the product from a veterinarian. As if that would have made a difference. BTW- I purchased it from Costco, so I hardly doubt that it was the store. I am so mad (and not to mention scared for my dog). I am contacting my local station to see if they will do an investigative report on this company and this product. I HATE FRONTLINE! If you love your dog, stay away from this crap. It’s dangerous.

  6. Kathie Biggins says:


  7. Kathie Biggins says:

    Hi, I have not had aproblem with frontlineplus BUT,4 months ago I ordered the product online. Since then my 14 year old Boston Terrier HAS DISPLAYED COGNITIVE DECLINE. I attribited this to his age but now I wonder about the safety of this product;Not manufactured in the USA like previous pachages purchased at my Vet office. Could there be a connection?Thank you

  8. Nancy Kolosso says:

    We need more people to ioin us in the suit against Merial. We now have an attorney in New York but we need more people whose pets had problems with this poison. Please email me or Dana and get on our list. You might be compensated for your expenses using this toxic poison. My email is or you can contact Dana at

  9. Sara Evelyn serrano Ixta says:

    Hola mi yorkie murió por este producto sólo que en México hay un laboratorio petpharma ubicado en estado de México av sor Juana que lo esta distribuyendo por que la patente ya venció entonces es una linea genérica se llama friposol por favor no lo usen mi perro yorkie se llamaba pimpollo empezó con problemas respiratorio (ataxia) ,un incoordinación; vómito; convulsiones, daño hepático y renal ; mi hijo sufrió y yo solo lo veía mal yo soy estudiante de veterinaria y ni mejor maestro pudo ayudarlo ahora con el corazón te pido no compres mas este veneno desde México si te puedo ayudar sólo dime como?

  10. Michael Murphy says:

    I have been giving my cocker spaniel frontline plus for a few months.He has some dry flackey spots on his skin maybe from this product.After reading all this I don’t want to give him any more,even though I have about 5 doses left.My biggest concern right now is what to give him.I live in Maine and we have a big tick problem here.Lyme disease and other tick born diseases are a real problem,so what to do.Can any recommend some thing that is save?

  11. Constance Stamas says:

    My Kitty Calypso has been having on and off again seizures now for over a year. Blood tests have not provided any definitive diagnosis. Calypso did not have seizures prior to using Frontline. At the initial visit to the vet, I suggested the possibility of a connection and she told me that was not a known reaction. I have spent thousands of dollars on testing her blood and even a blood pressure test. The vet suggested she had FIP, but of course, a year later, she is still alive and other than the seizures, seems healthy. It’s not FIP! So….. I can only deduce that something toxic, like Frontline is involved. Also, after the dosing this last time, she has lost hair between the shoulder blades. A place she cannot lick herself. Again, perhaps the Frontline. Thank god there is no skin damage. In the meantime, I believe that since I make a raw meat, homemade diet, she is getting excellent nutrition which will support her recovery or hopefully keep the damage from getting worse. In addition, I am working with a holistic Traditional Chinese Medicine, for pets, practitioner, who is recommending some herbs that will tone her kidney and liver which will also aid in detoxing.

  12. Nancy says:

    I have been using Cedar Cide. You can buy it online. It’s all natural and doesn’t smell bad either. We have two Aussies and so far only a few ticks in their ears. Didn’t know we have to get it into their ears. I would say this is a very safe product. I won’t be using ANY spot on ever again as my one Aussie had seizures from Frontline Plus. He is now on phenobarbital for life because of Frontline Plus.

  13. Carole Miller says:

    HELP! We accidentally gave our 10yr.old cat our dog’s Frontline Plus today several hours ago. So far he seems fine except for a little lethargy. What should I be looking for and should I get him to a vet now?

    1. Kathy says:

      Hi there, make sure you wash him as soon as possible, ideally with a soap that does not have perfume, baby shampoo is good. Look out for seizures, trembling and other strange behaviour, or take a look at my other page that describes the dangers of frontline plus and symptoms of problems. Hope he gets better soon!

  14. Megan N says:

    For the last few years I have been using frontline plus on my three dogs with no problems, but not anymore. Late this past june my oldest dog had a seizure a couple days after putting his monthly dose of frontline on. We went to the vet and they said he had a ruptured eardrum (at the time they said no seizure, now they say otherwise) so naturally we didnt suspect the frontline since he recovered fast. A month passed and he was fine. This past monday I gave him the next frontline dose that was due. Next day my poor baby had 2 seizures and right after each one his gums turned sheet white for about 5 minutes. Took him to the vet july 29th and they took blood for testing and said to watch him. No seizures the 29th. While at the vet I mentioned the frontline plus and 2 of the vets there said never use it again for any of my dogs. Next day he had 4 seizures and vet called to say his blood work looked bad and there isn’t anything they can do other than try 2 medicines and refer us to a specialist. I read somewhere that if I wash him in dawn within 5 days of applying frontline it will help, so I bathedchim thursdsy night. So far no seizures since washing in dawn and medicine. We go back next week to re check his blood and see if he’s out of the woods and see if the specialist is still necessary

    1. Kathy says:

      I’m sorry to hear that your dog is sick. I hope he gets well soon. I think when he was young and healthy he did not show any symptoms and it was ok. But toxic substances do build up in the kidneys and the liver most especially. When the dog or cat gets older, the accumulated toxins can suddenly mix with the blood and cause severe damage and sickness.

  15. S Lewis says:

    A week ago, I applied Frontline Plus on both of my dogs due to fleas. One dog is fine, the other (a full bred miniature schnauzer) has been experiencing tremors, twitching, eye droopiness and seizure-like symptoms. My poor baby is now being given Benadryl to “quiet” her reactions so she can rest and coerced into eating to get her back to her sprite self. After reading the stories, I feel lucky that she is not having more severe reactions and pray that this exits her system without further complications.

  16. Pam D says:

    FRONTLINE is a ripoff because not only is it over priced, it doesn’t work. The tick still Bites and latches on to the dog. It is then russian roulette if the tick carries Lyme! My beautiful German Shepherd contracted Lyme after a tick bite and we continually applied Frontline since he was a puppy.

    I feel Frontline falsely claims “protection” and should be required to tell consumers how seriously at risk their pets reallt are!!

    STAY out of the woods and parks should be the call for pet owners!

  17. Beatriz Orive says:

    I have 2 mini schnauzers. We live in Florida, so the frontline plus has been applied every month (I usually stretch it to 5 weeks) for the last 3 years. Three months ago one of them started limping on right hind leg; this then shifted to left hind leg; the following day it was the right front leg…you get the picture. She would alternate legs until one day it was all four legs. Blood tests were excellent, X-rays and tests for Lymes and many other possibilities (including lupus, cancer, phemphigous) were ruled out. Ultrasounds were great. After many tests we did joint taps, which confirmed ‘immune mediated polyarthritis’. This still wouldn’t tell us what her immune system was reacting to, and there had been no changes in diet or household products. So I began to plot her symptoms in a calendar, and law and behold, they began within a couple of days of every frontline plus application for the past three months!! I am convinced frontline buildup has caused an enormously toxic reaction on my otherwise super healthy dog. My other mini schnauzers started vomiting recently, and X-rays show slightly enlarged liver. Frontline I wonder? I’ve taken them both off frontline plus, but living in Florida, I’m at a loss about what to do to insure they don’t have issues with fleas. Any feedback from Florida neighbors would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for the work you guys are doing to get these poisons off the market!!

    1. Kathy says:

      I would suggest using diatomaceous earth that is food grade. This will destroy the exoskeleton of the fleas and ticks naturally. You also need to detoxify your dog’s liver. Give him some liver supplements to make his liver stronger. My friend’s dog had an issue with his liver and had a build up of alkaline there and so he was given Liverolin which made his alkaline levels low.

  18. Jackie says:

    I did not buy FL but purchased Fiproguard Plus, it says the same ingredients as FL, and it is. I applied it on the 16th of November and on the 22nd we were at the vet, she cannot use her back leg and seems to have no feeling in it, like it’s dead, but she’s painful when trying to get up or down. We are going to a specialist this week, my vet thinks it’s cancer because of some haze on her bone in one view. Not listening to no feeling in it. Idk if anything I can say would help your case but FipronIL is the same ingredient in FL plus

    1. Kathy says:

      Paralysis is one symptom of being poisoned by anti-flea products. Give her a good wash. Still go to the specialist but many have seen the same symptoms after using Frontline.

  19. Jennifer says:

    I gave my 7 month old Shih Tzu Frontline for the last time in July 2016. The next day I noticed a brown discoloration at the application site which has never gone away. What’s worse is ever since she has experienced loss of appetite and occasional vomiting which is still ongoing. She was fine prior to this but hasn’t been the same since. When I spoke to a Frontline rep (at the recommendation of my vet), they offered to reimburse me the what I had left of the product (pending receipt verification). That’s it!! This company should be ashamed!!!

  20. Sienna says:

    My 1 year old bulldog had frontline on his neck a day after his neck is bright red sore and really annoying him. If you know what i can do please help.

  21. Rick Kohne says:

    I purchased frontline plus tick and flee meds from frontline on line and the same day I started receiving phone calls from scammers trying to get access to my bank account. They posed as an agent from my bank among other things. These calls were directly related to my on line purchase from Front line. This is not a secure web site and I will never use it again.

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