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Gas Relief Home Remedy – Don’t suffer any longer!

Having excess gas (wind or flatulence – whatever you want to call it!) can be not only very embarrassing but also uncomfortable or downright painful if it is trapped inside you. As I suffer from (usually) mild IBS, this is sometimes a problem for me, but luckily I have a selection of effective gas relief home remedies.

Some are short term solutions, but if you are frequently suffering from excess gas, it’s worth understanding, why it is happening, and how you can change your lifestyle or eating habits to solve the problems.

How many times a day is normal for passing gas?
Because it can be an embarrassing subject you may not know that the average person passes gas 14-23 times a day!

Why do we get gas?

While excess gas can be a symptom of a problem with your digestion, the basic reason is that some foods stay too long inside your body and begin to ferment, causing a bad smell! If you are constipated then this will mean you are producing more gas.

Gas Relief Home Remedy List

If you suffer from gas occasionally, then short term remedies are great for you. Even if you have a more long term problem, these cures will help to relieve your symptoms. Here’s my top five cures for excess wind!

1. Charcoal tablets

Charcoal is a fantastic substance that absorbs gas and toxins. I first found out about charcoal tablets when treating my dog, but this gas relief home remedy is safe for humans too and very effective. You can usually find them in pharmacies.

Note of Caution: If you are taking any other medicine, wait an hour before taking the charcoal, as it will stop your medicine from working if you do not.

2. Ginger is a great gas relief home remedy!

Ginger is great for those with excessive gas, and also stomach problems in general and I use it a lot. cut some ginger into small pieces, and pour hot water over it, ideally leaving it for about 5-10 minutes, while covered over so that you don’t lose any of it’s healing properties. This will also help with nausea and cramps.

3. Redbush and Chamomile Tea for flatulence relief

While I would say that ginger is the most effective tea to drink, if you don’t happen to like the taste, read this. Drinking any hot liquid helps to expel excess wind from your body, and Redbush and Chamomile tea are both good for the digestion, making them extra effective in relieving your symptoms.

You can find these herbal remedies from natural health stores, or on the internet.

4. Angelica oil and caraway oil

These are great not only to reduce flatulence, but also to get rid of that horrible bloated feeling that you get when you’ve eaten too much. they also help to get rid of spasms which are common with sufferers of IBS. I’ve found these useful. I put 10-15 drops in a quarter of a cup of water.

5. Chen-pi tea

This remedy is also called Bitter Orange, and is great for stopping burping, bloating and wind.

Exercises you can do at home to provide relief from gas
Ok you might want to do these when no-one is about, depends how shy you are about this kind of thing, but they can really help to get rid of trapped wind. Any exercise is great for getting things moving inside you (and out of you!) but these are particularly good ones to try.

Exercise 1

  1. Lie on your back
  2. Very slowly, lift one foot towards your chest
  3. When it’s as close as you can comfortably get it, hold it with your hands for ten seconds, whilst holding your breath.
  4. Slowly put the foot back to the ground, while breathing out.
  5. Do this with the other foot and alternate. You will release gas as you do this exercise.

Exercise 2 – the upside down bicycle

This is my favorite to do, and is a good exercise for your body, being used in yoga.

  1. Lie on the floor and and push your feet, legs and hips in the air
  2. Pedal away on your imaginary upside down bike!
  3. Your gas will be released as you go!

Gas Relief Home Remedy – Prevention!

As ever, prevention is better than cure, and here are some remedies, which are particularly useful for those continuously suffering from excessive gas.

  1. Avoid flatulogenic foods or try to eat them only in moderation – such as cabbage, beans, brussel sprouts, prunes, bananas, pretzels, potato chips, apricots, radishes, and dark beer.
  2. Find out if you are lactose intolerant, or have any food allergies. You can start a food diary and see what seems to make you gassy. Remove these foods until you start to improve. At least 2 weeks is usually necessary for dairy products.
  3. Don’t overeat, this causes bloating and gas
  4. Try not to swallow too much air – avoid chewing gum, and too much dry foods such as potato chips or cereal without milk (I love this as a snakc but it definitely causes excess gas!
  5. If you suffer from constipation, make sure you drink plenty and eat foods high in fibre.
  6. Try chewing one tablespoon of fennel seeds after meals to prevent wind and bloatedness.

Some of these home remedies suit certain people better than others, so do experiment, and let us know your favorite gas relief home remedy!

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