Help with Sleep – 7 Top Tips on Getting to SleepHelp with Sleep – 7 Top Tips on Getting to Sleep

Having been an insomniac, I know that we can all do with some help with sleep. I’m not going to tell you to have cocoa or have some brandy! (most annoying comments ever from non insomniacs!) Here are my top tips – some may sound obvious but don’t knock them till you’ve tried them icon smile Help with Sleep 7 Top Tips on Getting to Sleep

Help With Sleep – Top Tips

1. Audiobooks

I’ve long found that reading before bed helps to calm the mental chatter, but sometimes it’s not ideal, especially if you find yourself unable to put the book down, or if you don’t want to disturb your partner. Audiobooks on an ipod or mp3 player are great because you can have the light off and be lying down all ready for bed and this can really help with sleep. Most mp3 players allow you to set a sleep timer that will switch the ipod off for you which is really handy, especially if you fall asleep while listening (you may be thinking here that that is very unlikely for you, but you may well be surprised because audiobooks are a perfect distraction – as my free sleep report shows if you are actually trying to fall asleep it’s much harder).

2. Meditation

Meditating is a great way to calm the mind, I’ve found that even ten minutes of meditation, ideally with deep breathing, helps with sleep, and also improves the quality of sleep – it is quality not quantity that is most important in feeling refreshed.

3. Avoid Alcohol

Many people find that a drink can help them drop off, (although it actually stops me from sleeping) but what not everyone knows is that alcohol also affects the quality of your sleep, and makes you much more likely to wake up in the middle of the night, and then have trouble getting back to sleep.

4. Melatonin

Of all the over the counter sleep aids I’ve tried, this is one of the best in giving help with sleep, particularly since it has no obvious side effects, unlike many over the counter sleeping aids. I’ve found melatonin very effective if used for periods of about 3 months (please check on the label to see how long they recommend you take it for). If you have trouble falling asleep, take a small dose of the liquid. (Liquid is better because most pills come in too large a dose). If you have difficulty staying asleep then try slow release melatonin. Find out more info about Melatonin.

5. Light

Light is crucial in regulating our bodies sleep cycle, but can also wake us up in the morning. If your room is bright early in the morning then consider getting a black out blind, or if that is not possible, get a really good eye mask, this definitely helps you to stay asleep, or fall back asleep easily. At night try not to have bright lights on, but in the morning expose yourself to light as soon as possible in order to kick start your ‘day time’ part of the cycle.

6. Noise

Sounds obvious but excess noise of course keeps you awake. If your house is noisy you could try buying a device that emits calming sounds, or even just white noise to cancel out other noise. Using an ipod at night time is handy but of course be careful with the wires! Earplugs are also great, and I highly recommend trying wax earplugs which can be molded to your ear as they are much more comfortable than foam ones, this will really provide help with sleep, particularly if you are in noisy surroundings, perhaps on holiday or something like that.

7. Brain Entrainment & Binaural Beats

Binaural beats is a technology that changes your brainwaves through special tones and music. When we want to fall asleep our brains should be in the theta brainwave, and when we fall asleep they should be in the Delta, which is the slowest and obviously most relaxed brainwaves. If you are like me, your brain probably finds it difficult to slip into the slower brain wave patterns, and so an entrainment cd is great for helping with sleep. The next step on from this is even better as unlike binaural beats it does not require you to wear headphones. I really recommend trying out this excellent sleep course, which comes with the up to date technology as well as a system to follow and help you sleep


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