I Can’t Sleep – An Insomniac’s StoryI Can’t Sleep – An Insomniac’s Story

A guest article by Kaitlin Tanlow “I Can’t Sleep!”

“Sometimes I have nights when I can’t sleep. Being a stay at home mother and wife, I cannot be inconvenienced with insomnia, yet unfortunately, there are nights when sleep eludes me. During these nights, I must find an ideal treatment to allow me to sleep and be ready for my next day’s schedule.

When I can’t sleep, life becomes difficult

When I suffer from insomnia, it seems that everything in my life is much more stressful. My marriage, my parenting, and my ability to take care of my house suffers. My husband gets on my nerves, I don’t have the patience for my children, and the last thing I want to do is cook, clean, pay bills, and go grocery shopping. My family begs me to find something to help me sleep and so I tend to go through the list of remedies that have worked for me in the past.

Remedies I Try When I Can’t Sleep

A last resort, when I can’t sleep is taking sleeping pills. However, I try to avoid these because they tend to be powerful and often leave me feeling groggy and hung over the next day. I also do not like to take medications unless I absolutely have to take them. I first try relaxation tips, such as deep breathing and meditation. I imagine all of my troubles and stresses being lifted from my body and taken from me. I do this in a quiet room so I am not disturbed or interrupted by the children or my husband.

I also like to take hot baths and drink chamomile tea. Chamomile tea has proven beneficial for me because it prompts my body to relax. The hot bath, especially if I use lavender bubble bath, also helps ease tension in my body. I try to drink the tea and take a bath right before I go to bed.

I Can’t Sleep If I Don’t Do Enough Exercise

As unusual as it sounds, exercising also helps me sleep better. If I find myself becoming stressed and overwhelmed, I will take a walk around my block or go to the mall and walk both levels to give my body an outlet for its tension. Doctors have noted that exercising helps a person sleep better and I know firsthand that this is indeed true. In fact when I go through long periods of getting only a little exercise, I definitely notice that I can’t sleep. Other things that keep me from a happy slumber include being dehydrated, but also drinking too much before bed as I keep waking up and needing the toilet

However, if all of my home remedies fail, I will turn to over-the-counter sleep remedies, including nighttime pills. Again, I choose this as a last resort. But during times of illness or extreme tension, I find that sometimes I need chemical intervention to encourage my body to rest. Over-the-counter medications are not as strong as what a doctor can prescribe but also have much less severe side effects and give me peace of mind when I feel like I can’t sleep.”

Thanks Kaitlin for sharing that with us. If this story rings a bell with you why not take a look at my experiences and the best sleep aid that finally cured me.

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