Is Frontline Safe For Dogs and Children?Is Frontline Safe For Dogs and Children?

Is Frontline Safe? – If you read nothing else please read this!

I’ve used Frontline Plus spot on for my dogs for years and seen no adverse effects, and many vets recommend this product and so I wholeheartedly was going to recommend it. However upon researching for this site I have discovered some shocking news – many people are now asking is Frontline safe for dogs? and evidence points to the conclusion that it is not, since many dogs are experiencing seizures after using this product and some dogs have sadly died.

Moreover Frontline Plus and other chemical flea treatments are also dangerous for people and by the year 2000, 26 deaths of animal workers had been reported.

Vets are in denial but you can read my research or scroll down to the hundreds of comments below from readers who’ve seen seizures and other side effects after using frontline plus.

Just want to know a safe alternative?

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How to tell if your dog has been poisoned

If you notice that your dog has any of the following symptoms after applying Frontline or Frontline Plus, please shampoo him or her with mild soap and rinse with lots of water as soon as possible and discontinue it immediately.

  • Lethargy
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Shallow breathing
  • Difficulty walking
  • Drooling
  • Discoordination
  • Increased excitability
  • High body temperature
  • Evidence of Pain such as yelping and whining
Is Frontline safe for your dog and children?

Is Frontline safe for your dog and children?

If your dog does not improve after washing him or her, or is having seizures please CONSULT A VET IMMEDIATELY.

After researching to find out is frontline safe for dogs? I will certainly not be using Frontline Plus or Front line on my Dogs in future.  Fleas and Ticks are dangerous for dogs but so are harmful chemicals, however, don’t worry as I have found some excellent natural flea treatment for dogs alternatives to Frontline and other spot on treatments.

What is the active ingredient in Frontline Plus and is it safe?

Frontline Plus uses like S-Methoprene, a strong pesticide that is, worryingly enough, used in farming. Permethrin (used in K9 Advantix) is well known to be poisonous to cats.  Both these chemicals interfere with the nervous system of the fleas and ticks and paralyze and kill them. Knowing this helps us understand how dogs can be getting seizures after using these products.

However, Frontline (as opposed to Frontline Plus) uses Fipronil which although recognised as less dangerous than Permethrin and S-Methoprene is still a powerful poison and has created the similar side effects to Frontline Plus for many dogs according to my research.

Are other flea control products like K9 Advantix safe?

No! Any products that use organophosphates (e.g. methoprene, fipronil, imidacloprid, fenoxycarb and pyriproxyfen and permethrin) are just as dangerous.  Flea and tick collars frequently have these chemicals on them too and have casued seizures in dogs, and many flea shampoos, powders, sprays and dips use one of these ingredients.

Brands known to include these chemicals are Frontline and Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix and Advantage, Adams Spot-on Flea & Tick Contro, BioSpot Flea & Tick Control, Defend EXspot Treatment, Zodiac FleaTrol Spot On. This is not an exhaustive list so if your favourite brand of flea and tick control is not on here, don’t assume it’s safe!

For a more detailed report on the dangers of various products, please download this pdf by Kathleen Dudley. Or for a comprehensive list of flea and tick treatments see this site

Would the government allow dangerous chemicals to be used on dogs & people?

Yes! Many people assume that the government strictly regulate the use of pesticides found in pet products. However it wasn’t until 1996 that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) began to even consider that there would be risks to people and pets from using these products.  Even today they have done little or no testing to ensure that these chemicals are not harmful for children and also dogs.

The important thing to be aware of is that there is a cumulative effect with using these poisons.  The more often pets (and people) are exposed to these dangerous chemicals, the higher the risk of seizures and even death, and this explains why many dog owners were happily using Frontline plus for dogs and other flea and tick solutions, without noticeable problems, but now cannot use it on their pets.

The EPA actually agrees that a child’s exposure to these chemicals from spot on flea treatments on the day for treatment can exceed safe levels by up to 500 times! Even more worryingly the EPA works this out on the assumption that people don’t actually hug their pets!!

The Natural Resources Defence Council is campaigning for the EPA to ban all dangerous pet products and California has already decreed that one chemical – propoxur causes cancer and warning labels must be applied.

Is Frontline safe for pregnant women and children?

Hopefully the obvious answer here is no! Don’t risk harming your unborn baby or your children – stop using this product and any other chemical treatment for fleas now, or find out more below.

How can Frontline Plus, Advantix and other Chemical Flea treatments hurt me and my family?

There are two main ways that these pesticides can harm

  1. Risk from Poisoning
  2. Risk from long term effects on the brain and nervous system

Children, pets and petworkers, and pregnant women are at a very high risk.

Acute Poisoning in Children

Children under 6 are the most vulnerable to acute poisoning from Permethrin and other organophosphates. This is partly because their bodies are still developing and partly because toddlers and small children are more likely to spend time on the floor, touching things and then their mouth, making it easy for them to be ingested. Children exposed to organophosphates were 3 times more likely to need urgent hospital care, 5 times more likely to be admitted to a critical care unit and 4 times more likely to die or suffer a life threatening sickness or become permanently disabled, than children who were exposed to other pesticides.

Long Term Health Effects on Children

Studies have indicated that children exposed to organophosphates leads to increased risks later in life to cancer (in animals too) and Parkinson’s disease and also can have irreversible effects on brain development.

Pets being Poisoned

The National Resource Defence Council (NRDC) estimates that potentially thousands of pets have been poisoned by products like Frontline plus for dogs, and points out that cats are particularly vulnerable.

People being Poisoned

People who look after animals for a living are particularly at risk and a report by the NRDC in 2000 noted 26 people who have died from organophosphates poisoning!


Merial (the makers of Frontline and Frontline Plus) not surprisingly are denying that their product is dangerous, and certainly thousands of dogs use it without problems. However too many dogs for it to be a coincidence have experienced strange side effects and in some rare cases even death. Here are some harrowing stories from pet owners who have used Frontline Plus for Dogs, there must be many more who have used other methods and brands of flea and tick control with similar stories.

Stories from other Dog Owners after using Frontline and Frontine Plus

There are numerous stories of dogs suffering seizures and even death after using products such as Frontline Plus and Advantix.  Here are some links to people’s experiences and just a few or the stories I have found:

UPDATE: Since creating this blog I have had lots of people share their stories of their dogs being poisoned.  You can read most of these comments on this page

Stories from Amazon

More stories from dog owners on Amazon

A story about K9 Avantix and Bio Spot

“Yes, I had a problem similar to yours and worse. I decided to try Frontline Plus after having used Advantage for my Malti-poo for 3 years. I wasn’t feeling like the Advantage was working as well as it had been for the 1st three years of use. Short of 2 hours after applying Frontline Plus, Bailey was going around wimpering and barely able to walk. He was very lethargic, shallow breathing, a fixed stare and when he tried to get up, it was like he couldn’t get his front legs to work and support his body, so he would give up and plop down and wouldn’t even try to move for the longest time. I had to pick him up for the 1st 36 hours afterwards to take him out to relieve himself. He could barely do that. He wasn’t interested in eating or drinking and I had to use a syringe to force some water into him. This product is suppose to be for small dogs up to 22lbs. Bailey is 6-7 lbs and I know for a fact that it is way too strong for him! Frontline needs to revise the poundage for it’s products before someone loses their pet. I won’t buy this product for my small dog again.”

“my dog is also lethargic after I apply this, I don’t know that there is anyway to avoid it- the danger we face from ticks here in South Africa poses more of a risk then her sleeping more often after the initial application- if anyone else has suggestions or a better brand= particularily one that withstands a dog that loves to swim daily- please let me know!”

“Our neighbors dog actually passed away due to Frontline. I wouldn’t use it.”

“I applied Frontline Plus about 2 1/2 weeks ago on my dog after bathing him. Within a week he was lethargic, not eating, had difficulty walking or standing and had to be prompted to get up and move around. It got to the point of practically carrying him outside. I thought he was having problems with his joints because he would yelp in pain and not want to be touched. He even stopped barking and playing with his squeaky toy (2 of his favorite pass times). I took him to the vet and he said it was arthritic symptoms. He prescribed a daily dose of an anti inflammatory medication. After a nearly a week on the med., my dog wasn’t getting much better. I had been thinking all along that it might be the Frontline Plus. Last night, I decided to give him a bath with baby shampoo and I scrubbed the Frontline Plus area with dish washing liquid to remove it. Within 30 minutes, he was back to his old self again. I am never using Frontline on my precious Sebastian again.”

“I put Frontline on my 11lb poodle mix and within 2 days he has had a seizure. This is the first one since I adopted him in 2 years. We did not use Frontline until now and are discontinuing its use.”

“Lost a puppy recently after applying Advantix. Bayer said that the product is not systemic, doesn’t get into the bloodstream. Should be OK. Even after washing it off with soap and water (waterproof). But after a month of shaking, anorexia, weird head and neck postures, vets., testing and medications Honey was diagnosed with a ‘suspect’ neurological problem. No money for an MRI to confirm. Had to put an 8 month old puppy to sleep as she was not responding well to steroids (more poison) given to her for the problem. Was it the Advantix or a strange coincidence? It was stupid on my part to believe anything a big corporation would tell me. Keep poisons off pets!”

Please feel free to share your experiences below as we need to raise public awareness of this issue!

Safe Flea Treatment for Dogs

Harmful chemicals hurt not only our pets but also our children and ourselves! If you get a natural flea treatment for dogs you can avoid this problem.

So in asking is Frontline safe for dogs, children and pregnant women? I have discovered that the answer is definitely not! I have searched for alternatives to Frontline plus and have found the best safe natural flea treatments for dogs.

180 thoughts on “Is Frontline Safe For Dogs and Children?”

  1. kendra says:

    We applied frontline to our Japanese chin that is about 5-6 lbs. The next day, he had a seizure for the first time ever (he is 6yrs old). I took him to the vet and they did bloodwork and didn’t find anything wrong. I’m wondering why when I asked my vet if it could have been caused by the frontline, he said not at all.

    1. Kathy says:

      I’m sorry to hear that your dog had a seizure, please don’t give him anymore frontline, I’m sure it was that. Just like with doctors, when something doesn’t fit in with what is the commonly accepted academic wisdom, many vets won’t believe it, but you only have to check the anecdotal evidence to see the connection.

      1. Casey says:

        Hmm, so you know more than the vets then?? Because you’ve read some anecdotes? I would think with all the health problems vets see in animals daily (completely unrelated to flea treatments), they would know just how susceptible companion animals are to health problems in general. This would give them plenty of reason to think it’s just coincidence and not the flea treatment causing the problems, as I’m sure it is. All these products have been thoroughly tested on the animal they are intended for before going on the market, as well as having been tested in much higher doses than the ‘correct dosage’ given on the packaging.

        1. Kathy says:

          Testing of products doesn’t work how you think it would and so animals (or people) that have bad reactions to things can get discounted from clinical trials. Yes frontline works without problems for many many dogs and cats, but it Does cause problems for others. While that may be a small percentage, its large enough for those whose pets suffer from it. Vets do not know everything, in the same way that doctors and pharmaceutical companies dont. This is why after many years of a product being considered ‘safe’ it can be found to be very dangerous to a certain amount of people and later banned. I myself have had problems where doctors have insisted that my medication couldn’t be the problem, I believed them and it was only when I stopped my medications due to the fact that they were temporarily unavailable, that my symptoms went away. Empirical evidence is a good way to go and if hundreds of thousands of people or pets are experiencing something then thats better than what a doctor tells you. Heres an example of what I mean about drugs that were later found to be dangerous

          1. Bill blanco says:

            What’s more likely adverse reaction to fipronil or contracting ehrlichia, anaplasma or borrelia?

        2. Holly Clark says:

          Casey – your sarcastic opening sentence was unnecessary. My dog had horrific side effects from Vectra 3D – although this is not Frontline, which is being discussed, I was astonished to read the warning on the back of the package which advised humans – “if in the event this product gets on your skin, wash for 15 to 20 minutes and call poison control.” And we put this on our dogs??? No, you don’t have to be a genius or a vet to know that with a warning like that, something is amiss.

          1. Dawn says:

            My dogs also had reactions to Vectra. One (Molly) was hospitalized a day and a half. It was clearly the ointment. After a few minutes after applying Molly started drooling and became dehydrated and was hospitalized for that. Both dogs cried because it stung their skin. I am very angry because this was suggested by the vet.

        3. jacqui says:

          Hi, I have been searching for a safe but effective alternative to Frontline, which I have been using for my pets (cats and dogs) for years with no apparent adverse effects, except I feel it is no longer effective with them, hence the need to find an alternative. By chance I came across this site and the communications between yourself and several others and there is something I would like to throw into the mix. as with most concientious dog owners I have always had my dogs innoculated annually by my Vet. However, my one of my black Labradors developed Epilepsy, which was very unsettling and traumatic for him and us. After several years I noticed they always started within weeks of him having his ‘jabs’ and raised this observation with the Vet. A coincidence? Apparantly no, I was informed it can trigger Epilepsy! I decided from then on to stop having him innoculated and he had to be on daily medication for the rest of his life, which did work. He lived to a ripe ol’ age, in spite of it all. Why am I telling you this? because have any of the people who have attributed their dogs ‘seizures’ to Frontline and such like, noticed it also coincided with their pets annual innoculations? Just something to ponder over.

        4. Rob says:

          Just like human drugs are tested also, right? All you see on tv ads is can cause death etc.etc.

          1. Teliantes says:

            Has anyone seen the recent articles regarding Johnson & Johnson? They have been not only putting baby powder in the shelves for 40mhears that they knew causes ovarian cancer, but many medications they they knew would cause serious medical issues. These companies sometimes weight their own profitability and make decisions that their own dollars gained is worth the potential suffering and death that may be inconsequential to their bottom line. It is evil and Vasey is an idiot to make his/her sarcastic rebuff. Go ahead and live in your antagonistic, arrogant world that bets know it all, but they don’t.

        5. Danny vargas says:

          Yeah Casey. Well my dog died yesterday from frontline plus. So wake up and open your eyes. I mean my dog is really dead he’s dead. He isn’t sick. I am disgusted. Four dogs got treated one died from seizures. I feel so guilty. My other dogs will never be treated again.

          1. Kathy says:

            I’m so sorry for your loss… I know how hard it is to lose a furbaby… I always try to take the safe approach when it comes to my babies.

          2. Karin says:

            I’m so sorry about your dog! My dog is almost 17, and very healthy. Had to allow him having a frontline treatment, very against my will!!! A roommate’s friend brought dog, invested our animals with fleas, and everywhere on my dog’s neck and spine where frontline was applied, I discovered with a shock tonight, he has festering open wounds!
            Iv’e never had problems before, and he’s traveled all over his whole life, and been in nature. Now have to deal with this, and it shows me it is NOT SAFE! I’m steaming!
            So upset!!!

        6. Lara Reynolds says:

          I gave my husky frontline and it killed her. I did not overdose her. However she was nine years old and upon researching fipronil ,it is not recommended for senior dogs. That warning is not on the package.When and if it happens to your animal then you will understand. I hope it doesn’t because even though you are being condescending and haughty with your ignorant comment ,I wouldn’t wish it upon you or your pet. These vets make money selling this crap . I had taken her to the vet for her check up and shots and she weighed 60 pounds. After I gave her Frontline ,she was sick, couldn’t hold anything down and lethargic. Six weeks later she died and weighed 35 pounds.

          1. Diane says:

            This exact instance happened to my 9-year-old lab shepherd mix in 2017. 24 hours after standard Frontline application she began vomiting and lost her appetite. I brought her to the vet and the blood test came back stating that she had acute renal failure and only weeks to live (stage 4 kidney failure.) I asked my veterinarian if the latest application of Frontline could have caused this and I was answered with a confident “no.” Here I am 3 years later still researching the subject, hoping for answers before my still broken heart. I am looking to finally adopting another dog and I am also talking to anyone with pets, making them aware of the potential dangers of Frontline. I am sharing with them my story in hopes of potentially saving any other pet owners from this guilt of thinking that you were doing something right and in fact it turned out to cause the demise of your furry best friend. This subject is still relevant and needs to be continually brought up in conversation! Keep talking about it! Rest in Peace Jersey girl. <3

    2. Michelle L. says:

      Your vet is either lying or woefully ignorant. It was a comment from the intake assistant at my vet that alerted me to the possibility; she flat out asked me if I had used any flea treatment before the seizures started, so the veterinary community knows this is a problem. After her question, I put 2 + 2 together and realized that the seizures my dog started having at 7 years old initiated after I began using Frontline Plus. Within a day or two of application he was having grand mal seizures – which made it difficult to pinpoint the cause. The vet tested him thoroughly – blood, urine, fecal matter, kidneys, liver, everything checked; he is perfectly healthy. I would not recommend anyone use these products.

      I am not an alarmist or reactionary – this happened three times before I figured it out. He weighs 90 pounds so size is not a determinant. There is too much ancillary evidence to ignore this, in addition to the reality that these products are necessarily poison to enable them to kill fleas. Since I have discontinued the use of Frontline, he has been fine.

      1. Kathy says:

        Thanks for sharing this Michelle, I have a new vet now as I have moved and they were also just as skeptical about it which is crazy, but I warned the other puppy owners at the class help by the vet all the same, luckily they had also heard of the dangers, can’t think why the vets haven’t, I think it is the arrogance of medical sciences.

        1. Anna says:

          Yes I have also stopped using frontline on my 3 year yorki- pom , Riley, he started having seizures , and I didn’t make the connection with Frontline , he never had seizures before. Anna

      2. Terri says:

        I have two dogs Buddy and Daisy. They were perfectly healthy until I used K9 Advantage and Frontline. Plus. Now Buddy will not stop itching and biting himself. Daisy was on hospital and still cannot walk. If you put these products on your animals wah them with Dawn liquid soap. I am seeing some improvement in both.

        1. Casey says:

          These products are designed to be absorbed through the skin, so the people saying things like they washed it off after a week and then there dog was fine is just ridiculous -you can’t wash something off the surface of the skin that has penetrated into the bloodstream, let alone after a whole week..

          1. Kathy says:

            Washing off frontline is helpful because it can accumulate on the skin and hairs of the dog. Yes if it has been on a week it will be in the blood stream, but since frontline and other flea treatments have a cumulative effect, symptoms will die down after time which is one of the reasons people are finding the dog’s symptoms have improved. The important thing for people who have noticed adverse reactions is to stop applying it.

      3. Yvonne says:

        This exact same experience happened with my 106 pound Chessy/ Lab/Golden Retriever mix. I have not applied anymore Frontline Plus and our dog is returning back to his normal healthy self at nearly 11 years old. We walked out of the veterinary hospital with a bagful of seizure meds that we were told to us for the rest of our dogs life and the vet never indicated Dusty’s seizures could be caused from Frontline Plus. $400 for that visit and meds. I have not used the meds and started my own research.

    3. Rara says:

      simples, the vet probably supplied the frontline. Anyhow, this isn’t about frontline, its about ALL anti-flea treatments. How do ‘people’ (dogs know already) think fleas are going to be killed without using an, umm, poison?
      Over the counter flea treatment shortens your pet’s life be it cat or dog.
      Fresh lemon juice or competent showering works just as effectively.

      1. Kathy says:

        Hi Rara thanks for your comment, I think you are right about frontline and other chemical treatments, but I’m not sure that lemon juice and showering are enough to keep fleas at bay on their own, but they certainly help.

    4. ruby says:

      I treated,my dog with frontline three weeks ago.. he died yesterday. Siezure..I never realized we were slowly poisoning our wonderful friend…

      1. Kathy says:

        I’m so sorry to hear that…. My condolences to you… I’m sure your beloved doggie is now in a better place. It wasn’t your fault, you didn’t know about it…

      2. Michelle Mcgee says:

        so sorry to hear your dog died, well so did mine, frontline, join us in a movement gainst frontline

        1. Hilary says:

          I feel so sick to my stomach! I have just applied Frontline Plus to my healthy 7 year old Great Dane for the second time. I used to use other products on him and started noticing some strange head movements. I have taken him to the vet with no avail, just siting” maybe he took a tumble and hurt his neck”. I continued using flea medication as we live on acreage and also have ticks. Yuck! My Dane’s symptoms of dizziness would come and go, the next vet visit suggested he might have arrhythmia. Since his symptoms would come and go I couldn’t really figure out a pattern. Because of the tick problem I recently switched to Frontline Plus. Two days after the first application we were away and my poor housesitter called and let us know that our Dane had collapsed and wet himself. She reported that he got back up and seemed fine. When we returned home he seemed just basically lethargic. I attributed it to his possible Arrhythmia and an aging fella. Just in the last week (about 6 weeks post first application) I noticed he was feeling like his old self again. Well, it was time again to treat for fleas and ticks ( a little late ) but I applied the Frontline Plus again and two days later the same collapse happened. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I have to say that I have 2 Great Danes and the other seems unaffected but I am assuming that just as with people they can have different or no reactions to the exact same medication and dose. I am heading out to bathe my poor puppy now and will report back as to his improvements (or not) I will be trying the the food grade DE as recommended.

          I feel badly not just for my dogs but all the others reported here on this site. If my dog improves after the medication wears off and continues to do so without further treatments I will absolutely do what I can to support getting this product off the market.

          1. Vickie says:

            Ok after reading all of these comments have come to realize I need to stop Frontline Plus on my 2 dachunds, I came to this site to find out why one of my dogs would b scratching and biting none stop, never to find out all of these symptoms! Because now I see that some of the symptoms she is having with her moving her neck very slow sometimes and being disorantic come b coming from me killing her with the flea treatment, my God what have I been doing to her over the years? All of theses comments make me sick to my stomach 🙁 feeling very sad! Still got the issues of her scratching and biting none stop, I have did steroid shots for her and vet visits even the adult Benadryl and nothing has helped! I was even doing allergy shot every week ( tell me that can’t get expensive) but she is worth every dime and dollar! Still none of those have worked so I don’t no what to do now 🙁 any ideas anyone pleas help Annie with her scratching, ideas r welcome ????? Thanks Vickie

    5. I have been giving Front Line + for years, am I slowly poisoning my dog? What should I do to keep tics and fleas off my dog.

      1. J Denn says:

        I now know that Frontline killed my beautiful loving healthy border collie with a seizure.

        1. Kathy says:

          I’m so sorry if your collie died. I know he/she has crossed the rainbow bridge and is there watching over you. I hope more and more owners are careful before using artifical treatments.

        2. RC Paulsen says:

          My best friend and constant companion since losing my wife in 2013 was a yellow lab that I rescued from the Humane Society. Within a few days of using Frontline Plus, he became lethargic, had trouble getting up (and staying up when he did get up,) and didn’t have his normal appetite. By the time I realized I might have to take him to the vet, it was late in the afternoon on a Friday. None of the vets in our small town are open on weekends, so I decided to see how he did through the weekend, and get him into the vet on Monday if he didn’t improve. On Monday morning, I found him on his bed, unresponsive, a blank stare in his eyes, and unable to move beyond lifting his head slightly. He was taking short breaths with long intervals (15-20 seconds) between them. Having sat with my father and my wife when they passed away, I immediately knew he was just minutes from death. I laid down next to him and tried to comfort him the best I could. He died in my arms about 5-10 minutes later.

          1. Kathy says:

            I’m so sorry for your loss. I know he has crossed the rainbow bridge now. I hope you can be strong because losing a friend and a furbaby is tough. I wish you all the best.

      2. Sorry our dog is suffering the symptoms, lethargic not eating being sick etc, I have shampooed her today to get excess front line off her, can’t get her to eat , taking her to the vet tomorrow but I don’t want him to pump her up with unessary medication for arthritis or other things when I am sure it’s the frontline, our other dog has been off his food but had a lower dose so isn’t affected the same, has any body else’s dog got over this? Heart breaking she’s usually so greedy

    6. Nancy says:

      Usually vets do say the reactions your pets are having ARE NOT caused by Frontline products. They sell the products and make good money doing so. Take my word for it. IT IS caused by Frontline products. We have a group of people who are fighting to get this poison off the market. We now have 111 people. Many of them have lost their pets to this poison (Almost half of them) We even have two people now who themselves were affected by it. Please join our fight and help us. Go to our website and to the contact us page and fill out the form. Our website is You don’t have to testify. Just join us and tell your story. We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We CAN’T do it without you.

      1. Caroline says:

        I just give frontline for my 6 yr shih tzu, 4 days after used, she showing sick on the stomach.. I never knew that this was the effect from frontline.. Can you tell me what should i do for my baby to clean the toxic in her body??

        1. Kathy says:

          Please wash your doggie with some soap or some diluted dishwashing liquid and make sure all of him or her is washed out. for internal detox you may need to consult your vet.

  2. I think the use of any chemicals comes with a certain level of risk. That’s why it best to avoid using these on your pets on a long term basis.

    For heavy fleas infestation, no doubt that using chemical preparations like frontline, advantage or advantix may enable one to see results fast but once you manage to get rid of most fleas, it best to continue treatment using safer natural products like diatomaceous earth.


    1. Kathy says:

      Thanks Ann, I totally agree with you here, diatomaceous earth is very helpful and I also list some other safe natural products that will help in the battle against fleas and ticks.

    2. Jeannie Snider says:

      hello ann how do can I get front line off when it has been on a dog for at least 5 or 7 days is there a way to get it off after looking at your page I have noticed my yorkie has all the symthoms that you have down and she is getting worse on the out bursts and grawling . im scarred im gona loose my pupply she isn’t just my dog but our baby . is there any help u can tell us to get this front line off of her ?

      1. Nancy says:

        If it’s not too late you can use blue dawn dish soap. I don’t know when you posted this. We are getting together a group to fight the company that makes Frontline. Please go to to our Facebook Page and tell your story. Our page is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison We have to stop this company from poisoning our pets. Be sure to like this page also. Thank You

        1. Jacklyn says:

          Thank you for the heads up on the Dawn, my papillon has been through the vets office, numerous times had every test you name it!
          After the bath at 2:00 am this morning he was peppy and responsive . Count me in on the fight against poisoning our babies !

          1. Kathy says:

            Hello Jacklyn good job in looking out for your baby dog! I hope he never gets sick again. I’m really sad about the carelessness of the big companies on how they make treatments for our fur babies. Just because they can’t talk it does not mean they don’t have feelings. If they could they will cry against all these poisoning going on!

      2. Nancy Kolosso says:

        /wash with new dawn dish soap, blue, it what they used in new orleans forthe big oil spill, join us in our movement against frontline

  3. Aaron says:

    I applied Frontline Plus to our 6 year old pug on May 1st. Shortly after that, she started acting strange… usually she waits anxiously below our toddler’s high chair, hoping for scraps to drop… she stopped, wouldn’t even think of jumping off her bed to go after them. I had to coax her off her bed to go eat. She seemed a bit unstable. On Sunday, 4-days after the Frontline Plus treatment, she had her 1st seizure. Rushed her to the emergency vet, she was there overnight. Monday we took her to our regular vet, she spent the day there, had 3 more seizures. Vet gave us phenobarbital and diazepam in case she seized again. Last night she had a massive seizure, stopped breathing… I tried to resuscitate her to no avail. She died and I buried her. We are devastated. It came on so suddenly and progressed so fast. Is this because of Frontline Plus? Anyone with information, please post a reply. Here is the Frontline Lot #F63609AL

    1. Kathy says:

      Dear Allan

      Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I have been on holiday. Although I can’t be certain, the symtoms you describe sound exactly like those of dogs that have had bad reactions to frontline plus. Most vets don’t seem to want to admit this and neither does the company that makes frontline, but the anecdotal evidence like yours is overwhelming, and since frontline plus works by disrupting the nervous system of fleas, it makes sense that this causes seizures in dogs and even sometimes people

      I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, as a dog lover it makes me very sad to hear these things.

    2. Nancy says:

      Sorry to hear about your Pug, Aaron. Our Rudy had seizures for 5 months because of Frontline Plus. He is now on Phenobarbital. I am 65 years old and have never been so heartbroken as to see Rudy having seizures. We are getting together a group to fight the company that makes Frontline. Please go to to our Facebook Page and tell your story. Our page is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison We have to stop this company from poisoning our pets. Be sure to like this page also. Thank You

      1. Nancy says:

        You can also email me at

        1. Nancy says:

          I have changed my email address. It is now

    3. Nancy Kolosso says:

      Well thats what happened to our dogs, as frontline is a neuro-toxic drug, yu see how it works, produces seizures, and most of the dogs die, its a heart breaker join usin our movement against frontgline

    4. valerie szalkiewicz says:

      i gave my cat frontline 12 days ago. she was fine within that time span. tonite i heard a few sounds as if she was gagging. i picked her up and she passed away moments later. could frontline have caused such a delayed death

      1. Kathy says:

        Since cats tend to lick themselves, she may have licked it and caused her to be poisoned. There has been cases where cats have been poisoned even without licking it much like dogs. Since cats lick themselves we have to be careful on what we give them. I’m so sorry for your loss. I love cats and I know how hard it is to part away from your furbaby.

  4. veronica willemsen says:

    i am having trouble finding a good natural flea and tick killer for my two poodles

    1. Kathy says:

      Hi Veronica, thanks for visiting. Ideally you need to combine a few methods to get rid of fleas and ticks. You can use diatomaceous earth to kill any in your home, and there are some good natural remedies you can get to apply on your dogs. Take a look at this article for more info, and do give it a read as not all natural products are safe!

  5. veronica willemsen says:

    they have been on advantax but makes them very itchy

  6. anna says:

    I am just adding this so people know and don’t have to go through what I am going through. I have been using frontline plus for cats for a couple years and the last treatment I gave my 4 cats killed 2 of them. I started doing some research and found this can happen . even if you have been using it without any side effects the side effects can suddenly happen. my 2 babies were dead in less than 2 days. I am devestated. I just want to save some one else from this mistake. Frontline of any kind is poison! it should be taken off the market. If you love your pets never by it. I am trying to find natural ways to battle the fleas. I would much rather deal with fleas then the lost of my 2 angels

    1. Kathy says:

      Dear Anna

      I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. I didn’t know that frontline for cats could be so dangerous, but then it makes sense seeing as it is dangerous to dogs and people, you’re right that it is a poison. Thank you for sharing your story, hopefully others will avoid using frontline after reading these stories. As for natural ways to kill fleas, you could certainly use diatomaceous earth around your house and garden to help with flea control. you can find out more about DE here

      Kathy x

    2. Nancy Kolosso says:

      Your so right, call the company and complain how their Fipronil their drug killed your cats and join us in a movement against them

    3. Nancy Kolosso says:

      I do agrfee with yu, off the market, join us in our movement let me hear from yhou

  7. Lisa says:

    I applied Frontline to my dog Bailey at 9:30am today . He does not like when I apply it. He always runs away from me when he sees me take it out of the kitchen cabinet. Within an hour after applying it he appeared very sad and was having difficulty walking. An hour after that he began panting very heavy, was unable to walk and having mild tremors. I spoke to my vet who instructed us to rinse and wash the areas. He was unable to stand x 5 hours but appeared to be more comfortable and was panting less. Upon taking him to the emergency vet on the 6th hour he began walking and seemed to be better. The vet denies that it could be a Frontline reaction. She said he was having an adrenaline rush. Therefore able to walk. During her assessment she felt he had pain to his lower back. She feels he has a back problem such as ruptured disc. He just had a dose of IV hydromrphone and a shot of steroids. I am very worried that this is a Frontline reaction . What do you think?

    1. Kathy says:

      Thanks for your comment and sorry its taken me a while to see it. I’m not a vet but it does sound exactly like the symptoms that other dog owners have been reporting, you will even see peoples comments on this site with similar stories.

      I recommend that if you haven’t already you stop using frontline immediately, hopefully Bailey is feeling better now? Do let us know if you read this comment. Kathy

  8. Ginger says:

    My husband and I treated our 6 1/2 month old Yorkie with Frontline Plus. Less than three hours later she could not stand, walk or hold her head up. She was sick to her stomach and was foaming at the mouth. Her gums turned white. I rushed her to the 24 Pet ER as our vet was closed and not in town. Two days later she is now home after being in the hospital 48 hours. She is still weak but showing progress. The 24 vet hospital did not understand what casued this and doubted it was from the Frontline. I disagree and feel it had everything to do with Frontline Plus. We took her to our dog to her vet Monday and she told us NEVER to use it on her again. It’s five days later and she is doing better but still is unstable when she walks and her head bobs and shakes. The only thing we did different Saturday was Frontline. I won’t be using this product again and encourage all dog owners to follow their gut feeling and not use the full dose especially on small dogs. I won’t be using Frontline anymore. My Vet did say the reaction my dog had was very, very rare so take that into consideration too if you have a small dog who was given Frontline Plus.

    1. Kathy says:

      Thanks for your comment, I’m so sorry to hear your story and hope your little dog gets better soon. I think it’s less rare than vets make out, especially if you see all the experiences of other dog owners, and particularly for small dogs as well, so thanks for sharing your story as it will help get the word out.

    2. Nancy Kolosso says:

      you just described the Frontline reaction, thats what its like and the vets say its not frontline after all we just gave itg to you join us in oujr movement against frontline

    3. Nancy Kolosso says:

      How sad yu should see lour Rudyy and Aussie Shepherd, same thing, and my heart is broken forthe dog, send me an email and I can help you against Frontline

    4. tena says:

      Both of my dogs got sick from fipronil a poison that they are making millions of dollars on. My boss got his hands on a bottle of Termidor SC to kill ants in the back area. I have been gradually getting more fatigued, jittery like I have a neurological disorder, my hand tremors and I have loss of concentration. He saturated our break room and I was walking around with socks on only several times. I think I have chronic fipronil toxicity. THIS CRAP NEEDS TO BE BANNED.

  9. David says:

    Our wonderful dog Kalvin, a nine year old, energetic miniature Schnauzer, has had seizures within days after taking Frontline heartworm and flea treatments. These seizures all started within 2 to 7 days after giving him the treatments. His seizures started (infrequently) after his first heartworm medicine at about a year old. We stopped the heartworm by age two, noticing the correlation. It makes sense that the effect is cumulative. Within the past year, both of his seizure episodes occurred after the flea treatment, within days. Panting, lethargy and lack of appetite all preceded these horrible events. Of course the Vets will say there is no connection as this is one of their main profit drivers. He has had 3 seizures within the past 24 hours, after applying the treatment on Sept. 4….he hadn’t had any seizures for about 10 months – “coincidentally” the last time he had the flea treatment. If it is poisonous to us, it is certainly much more poisonous to them. Never again!!! We will now put him on a natural liver cleanse. These coporations are full of ____!!!

    1. Nancy says:

      All these flea and tick meds are POISON. We are getting together a group to fight the company that makes Frontline. Please go to to our Facebook Page and tell your story. Our page is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison We have to stop this company from poisoning our pets. Be sure to like this page also. Thank You

      1. Nancy says:

        You may also email me at

  10. Wincell says:

    People claiming natural remedies for long term flea control cannot be living in the South. Where I live there are very few hard freezes and it is also very rural, meaning that there is a HUGE animal population in the wild. Also, since it is rural, there are many domesticated animals: cows, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, dogs, cats, etc. Fleas thrive where I live. I’ve seen my baby, Sadie, tormented by fleas. Trust me. If I can get my Sadie to live for 14 or 15 years without fleas, how can I resist using Frontline? Fleas make an animal’s life absolutely miserable. Fleas carry disease, and infestations greatly reduce the lifespan of any animal. So what would you have me do? Subject my dog to the horror of flea infestation which reduces her life by years? Or give her relief by applying Frontline which may reduce her life by a few years? Certainly smaller dogs need greater care where pesticides are concerned, but Sadie is a healthy 95 pounds. She is much, much, much more healthy on Frontline than she is covered with fleas; she is a short-haired mutt and her belly gets absolutely morbid from chewing fleas and her own chewing and biting. And I’ve tried natural remedies. That’s a great way to have fleas infest your Southern home. Sometimes poison is the only way to go.

    1. Kathy says:

      Natural remedies may have to be used in conjunction with each other to be effective, along with other things mentioned in this

      I do understand that you have to weigh up the risks and make a choice, fleas can be very dangerous too. Many dogs do use frontline and are alright, also frontline PLUS is much worse than frontline, so if you must use it, choose this one if you can.

      If people are going to weigh up the risks they need all the facts which is what I am trying to do here. But if it’s working for your dogs for all these years they are probably going to be alright, at least now you know what to look out for if you ever do see these symptoms.

      1. Casey says:

        Have you got any proof though that frontline is killing dogs? Has any one had a necropsy done on a dog that was suspected of dying from frontline? And if not, how can you say frontline is to blame without any proof?

        1. Kathy says:

          Here’s an article with more detailed scientifc info that you may find interesting.

        2. Nancy says:

          Yes we do have proof. Merial, the makers of FP decided as long as there was proof, they would offer the owner of the dog lots of money as long as they agreed not to say how much money they received and not breathe a word of this to anyone. If that isn’t guilt, what is??????

    2. Nancy says:

      Dogs no matter what age or size are effected by Frontline. Sometimes it takes a few applications and sometimes it doesn’t. Would you rather have fleas or would you want your pet possibly die. It has and does happen. All I can say to you is: Good luck, Wincell, if you use it.

      1. Kathy says:

        Some people just give their pets Frontline because they are but too lazy to research safer alternatives or they just simply don’t know the harmful effects of Nuero-Toxins. I hope people would treat their pets like family members and would seek the best for them.

        1. Nancy says:

          Kathy – Unfortunately we can’t stop everyone from using Frontline on their pets. What’s really sad is our Rudy had been on it for a few years before he developed seizures. Maybe these people will have to learn the hard way. If we are successful hopefully it will be removed from the market. We just need the public’s help. If you or anyone you know had problems with Frontline products, please have them post their story on our Facebook page or email me at We are moving right along and have hired an attorney in San Francisco to handle this. Our FB page again is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison. Thanks Kathy

        2. krysty cavallo says:

          Those who deny that applying POISON on your pet is harmful are not thinking clearly. A tick is tough. Applying a poisonous substance that repels it has to be strong. It is only logical. My vet’s office displays ALL the parasite repellants. He could never admit that they’re harmful to the animal. Even the larger ones.

        3. Casey says:

          Hmm, so if your kids gets headlice your not going to treat it? As far as I know, only poisons work for that.. Or you could try all the natural things that don’t work, waste money and let your kids be itchy..

    3. krysty cavallo says:

      My cat died of Bobcat fever last year. I’d never heard of it prior to the vet visit. Symptoms appeared on a Wednesday. Tuesday my cat was fine. Wed. he didn’t want to eat & sneezed a few times. Thursday, a white discharge appeared from one nostril. Friday, he saw the vet. She put FRONTLINE on a cat who had a 105.6 degree fever.She also applied topical deformed w/o testing for worms.She sent me home w/antibiotics & liquid nutrition. He died horribly Sunday,4 hrs after the vet diagnosed him. I now think the Frontline she applied caused the seizure that killed my cat.

  11. phyllis eich says:

    i have a 4yr old malti-poo named scotty. i had been using frontline plus with no ill effects since my baby was 3 months old. a little over 4months ago he began having seizures. they seem to be farely regular, coming approximatly every 2 weeks. the vet did all the usual tests,liver toxicity and so on. i even had a lead screen done, nothing. as it happened i had noticed the frontline did not seem to be as effective as it had been in the past and so switched to an oral treatment recomended by a friend. it has been over a month now, with no seizures, still early i know, but keeping my fingers crossed. the vet said it was most likely epilepsy, which i discovered is just a blanket term for any seizure disorder that could have any one of a hundred causes. here’s hoping i stumbled on the right one.

  12. Rebecca says:

    Hi Kathy,

    I am the owner of two Boston Terriers. I just purchased some Frontline today, but for some reason, I decided to look into it further and found your website. It took my Vet 5 yrs to convince me to start using Frontline, and I finally gave in last summer (2012). I’ve had no problems yet, nor with using Frontline for Cats on 2 cats. However, one of my dogs, since the summer, has developed an odd problem, he cannot seem to gain weight, and seems to have become very hypersensitive, more than before, to noises, people, etc. Have you ever heard of Frontline Plus for Dogs causing any type of weight loss problems or hypersensitivity? He’s has every possible test known re: weight loss, and all come back fine. My other dog, who is also on Frontline Plus, does not have this problem. I will not be using Frontline on my pets after reading your information and will now look into other alternatives. I’ve never had a flea problem, that is why I was so hesitant, however when the Vet mentioned many many times that it only takes *ONE* flea, I began using it. Thank you for your help and getting this information out to people who love their animals.

    1. Kathy says:

      you’re welcome!

  13. Lynn says:

    I JUST today made the connection between my dog’s seizure and frontline plus. This was his third seizure (he’s 7) and after I started thinking about it, we’ve given him the frontline for the three years we’ve lived in a wooded area. I will no longer be giving him the frontline plus and will immediately begin my search for a safer alternative. what is your thought on heartgard?

    1. Nancy says:

      Heartgard has the same poison in it as Frontline. I wouldn’t give that either. We are getting together a group to fight the company that makes Frontline. Please go to to our Facebook Page and tell your story. Our page is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison We have to stop this company from poisoning our pets. Be sure to like this page also. Thank You

  14. john king says:

    We applied frontline plus to our 2yr old rough collie 4 weeks ago within a day or 2 we thought he had a stroke he went completely blank we left him alone he finally became more or less himself in about 5 days. We woke up last Sunday and it had happened again but didn’t seem so severe. Monday we made an appointment with the vet they have done blood tests and found liver damage but it is functioning, it is now 4 weeks since frontline was applied so we are hoping it is leaving his system he is on anti biotics so are keeping fingers crossed. We suggested it was frontline but the vet said it could not be and required proof. We have decided not to use frontline again and hope she can prove inconclusively it is something else but that’s not likely

    1. Nancy says:

      Some vets don’t realize that it IS Frontline causing all these problems. Our Rudy had seizures also and is now on Phenobarbital for them. We are getting together a group to fight the company that makes Frontline. Please go to to our Facebook Page and tell your story. Our page is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison We have to stop this company from poisoning our pets. Be sure to like this page also. Thank You

      1. Casey says:

        Why do you even go to the vet if you just ignore everything they say anyway? You act they couldn’t possible know more than whoever made this website, why don’t you just ask them instead whenever your animals are sick?
        You go the vet because they have the experience..

  15. Cynthia Harris says:

    Accidently got frontline plus on fingers of left hand & as result suffer with nerve damage on forearm. Will NEVER EVER apply this poison on my babies again!!

    1. Nancy says:

      So sorry to hear about all your problems with Frontline. Please email me at We need your information for our lawsuit against Merial, the company that makes Frontline products. Thank you Cynthia!

  16. Leah says:

    Millie started panting heavily within 10 minutes of applying Frontline Plus. She was scratching the application site nonstop with both paws, which she never does. I washed it off of her shoulders but left the spot we put above the base of her tail, since she didn’t try to scratch that. She was still panting heavily after I dried her off, so I knew something was still wrong. I thought maybe I had it wrong–perhaps she wasn’t panting from pain/irritation at the application site. Sometimes she pants when she really needs to poo–was she sick to her stomach and in pain from holding it? I took her outside incase she needed to go but Millie had no interest in that. As we were heading home, she started to walk with her rear end out of alignment with her front–she looked drunken. I noticed her left rear leg was turned inward and she began stumbling. She sort of fell over and caught her self, twice. I hustled her back to the house and promptly washed the other spot off with a generous amount of water and soap. She was still panting and walking somewhat strangely. Within 15 to 20 minutes her panting had stopped.

    This whole episode was very upsetting. The onset of these sympoms was so dramatic. When she started to fall over, I thought, my God–Millie is 14, is this the end? Phew. I only thought to wash it off her because we’d seen a show about a man who got pesticide poisoning last night. Hopefully she doesn’t have any further reactions…I will be calling the vet tomorrow to ask about other flea preventatives.

    We’ve used Frontline since Millie was a pup. I think this is the first time we tried Frontline Plus. Hopefully we dodge the bullet…

    1. Nancy says:

      You can use Frontline at first without any side effects. And sometimes they happen right away. Frontline IS Poison to our pets. We are getting together a group to fight the company that makes Frontline. Please go to to our Facebook Page and tell your story. Our page is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison We have to stop this company from poisoning our pets. Be sure to like this page also. Thank You

    2. krysty cavallo says:

      My Leo will be 15 yrs old in Sept. I have never used Frontline on him. I had a cat who was diagnosed w/ Bobcat fever. The vet put Frontline on him while he had a fever 105.6 . He died during a seizure 48 hrs after the vet visit. I now believe she killed my cat.

  17. Lisa says:

    My boarder collie has just turned 7 years old. we have always used frontline on him and never hand any concerns over the product. On friday two weeks ago my husband gave him his usualy 3 months treatment ( we have just moved up from the usual one we give him as his weight has changed) and Monday I thought he was going to die on me he had a seizure in the garden. It was awful to watch and lasted just over 4 mins I rushed him to the vets where he spent the whole afternoon in an air conditioned room as the weather here in the UK has been unusually hot. The vet put it down to the heat and he came home that evening. two weeks later he had another one, this time the seizure didnt seem as violent and he recovered alot quicker. Again he had a visit to the vets and they are convinced he is showing clinical signs of epilepsy. But I have done some research and found that epilepsy is usually diagnosed before the age of 5 in dogs and that fact he has never had anything like this nor is there any mention in his pedigree family history of it leads me to believe there could be something other causing the issue. He had some blood works done at the first seizure and all came back absolutely normal. His temperature on both occassions has been normal which also leads us to believe his does not have an infection of any sort which could be causing the seizures. I have been given a tube of rectrum diapazem to give him if he seizures again, but he just hasnt been himself at all. Since reading all the postings above I am going to give him a really good bath tonight and make sure his whole skin is scrubbed clean. Please can the people who have posted about their dogs having seizures give us all an update on how they are getting on and if anything else has been diagnosed? I will also keep you posted. I am going to call my vet tomorrow and see what they have to say about the frontline saga.

    1. Nancy says:

      Our Aussie had seizures 24 hours after getting Frontline Plus. He had seizures for five months. To this day, 1 1/2 years later, he is still getting anxious spells. We know it’s the Frontline Plus that caused this. He is on Phenobarbital now. We are getting together a group to fight the company that makes Frontline. Please go to to our Facebook Page and tell your story. Our page is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison We have to stop this company from poisoning our pets. Be sure to like this page also. Thank You

  18. Liz says:

    Any ideas if Frontline Plus can cause flybiting? I gave my yorkie/poodle mix the meds about 2 weeks ago and he has been biting at imaginary things on the ground on a regular basis. I did read that it could be a form of epilepsy. He is seeing the vet tomorrow but from the things I am reading, I’m starting to think it could be related to his flea and tick med. Any opinions?

    1. Nancy says:

      We are getting together a group to fight the company that makes Frontline. Please go to to our Facebook Page and tell your story. Our page is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison We have to stop this company from poisoning our pets. Be sure to like this page also. Thank You

  19. sheryl adams says:

    My sister treated her house dog, later that day she had “prickles all over her body, and a blistery rash broke out a few days later. She also had wheezing and heavy breathing.
    It became so bad they moved to a motor home.
    It is 3 months later, she still has these same problems if she is in their house, or the car the dog rides in. Even the yarn that was in the house started a prickle, respitory response. HOW LONG DOES THIS CHEMICAL LAST???

    1. Nancy says:

      The side effects have lasted 1 1/2 years for our dog. If not put on Phenobarbital, we might have lost him. I am 65 years old and have never witnessed anything so disturbing as seeing him in a seizure. We thought we were going to lose him. We are getting together a group to fight the company that makes Frontline. Please go to to our Facebook Page and tell your story. Our page is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison We have to stop this company from poisoning our pets. Be sure to like this page also. Thank You

      1. Kathy says:

        Poor thing getting seizures and all. That must have been hard for you dear. God bless all those lovely dogs and cats.

        1. Nancy says:

          Thank You, Kathy. We need to get this poison off the market and soon!!!

  20. Bill Price says:

    I never knew why my 4 year old Pomeranian died , now I know – When he was around two years old the vet said he was old enough and weighted enough to start using Frontline for puppies. At first it made him sick but when he was about Two and a half he developed Seizure’s . As Time went on they got worse and worse . By the time he was four they became cluster – 12-18 per day . The Vet tried everything to save SI-Fy, but nothing worked . I spent over $1500 trying to save him . I finally had to let him go . I could no longer see him suffer. Now I know what starter his seizures – FRONTLINE – Thanks to the Replies above “Now I know “– Thanks – Bill P. Morristown Tn.

    1. Nancy says:

      I am so sorry to hear about Sl-Fy. It’s heartbreaking to lose a pet. Especially for a reason like Frontline. We are getting together a group to fight the company that makes Frontline. Please go to to our Facebook Page and tell your story. Our page is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison We have to stop this company from poisoning our pets. Be sure to like this page also. Thank You

  21. Matt says:

    Great article. I have always been suspicious of systemic insecticides. I am glad I had chosen to treat my dog with permethrin shampoo. It is not a organophosphate as mentioned. It also has limited residual toxicity. I have a pesticide licence. These new products are trying to provide a quick fix one time solution for pet owners. Its not that easy. No dogs were dieing before. I feel topical treatments over the life cycle of the insects is safe. To each their own. Research is very important. Then decide for your self.

  22. Crystal says:

    My husband applied a flea and tick treatment and my dog started to chew herself raw. We took her to the vet and they said they were unable to determine what was causing it, possible allergic reaction. We changed her food and everything, could not figure it out. My husband applied the trestment again this time in a pattern, we notived that the treatment was the issue. The vet insists that she is allergic to something in food or fleas, but we are sure it is the treatment. We have not given her a treatment in 3 months and she is still trying to chew herself, poor girl has been in a cone. Is there anything we can do to stop the itching or get it out of her system quicker? I love my girl and feel helpless. We have tried so many remidies, and spent so much money on vet bills but she is worth it!

    1. Kathy says:

      The vet may be right about the allergies if she has eaten something that causes allergies such as dog food containing something that can cause allergies such as Fish and seafood such as shellfish, Lamb and sheep, Beef, Chicken and some poultry, Corn, Wheat, Yeast, Milk and Soy (you may further read on the recent article I made ). Sometimes dogs do not become allergic right away to certain food but over time develop allergic reactions to them. He may need a blood test to check if the histamine levels in his blood is high which means he is allergic or if you really see the pattern that it is the flea treatment you may need to wash her several times and blow dry her. Make sure you vacuum the house to eliminate any lurking eggs in nooks and crannies specially carpets and couches.

    2. Nancy says:

      Frontline is the culprit. No doubt about it. I have no answer for you to stop her chewing herself raw. Frontline is POISON!!! We are getting together a group to fight the company that makes Frontline. Please go to to our Facebook Page and tell your story. Our page is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison We have to stop this company from poisoning our pets. Be sure to like this page also. Thank You

      1. Kathy says:

        Go Nancy! You can put our links on the site to show our support. I mean dying dogs and cats should never happen from something that is supposed to make them better. It really breaks my heart for all those poor furbabies who died or suffered because of wrong treatments.

        1. Nancy says:

          Kathy – I don’t know how to put the links on our FB page. Do you have any ideas. I have to have different names on the page for the attorneys to see. HELP I do need HELP. Thanks

    3. Nancy Kolosso says:

      perfect description from a neuro-toxic poison, sizures, seizures and more seizures, till their dead. join us in our movement against Merial, the makers get in touch

  23. Susan says:

    We have a 8 yr old shepherd/husky female and a 6 yr old greay pyrenees/boxer mix male. In July we had a friend some stay at our house while we went on vacation for a week. When we came home we noticed our shepherd itching. We could not find any fleas on her. After about a week we took her to the vet and the vet could not find fleas either and gave her a steroid shot and put her on antibiotics. The itching continued. I took her back to the vet and still we could not find any fleas. So now we are about 3-4 weeks into this. I then noticed our male dog itching and checked him out to find fleas. We gave them an oral pill that is suppose to get rid of the fleas immediately and we also had Orkin come in and bomb the same day. Still had the fleas. I was vacuuming every single day. Then we tried a flea bath. Still fleas. Now we are into going on 2 months of this. I got the Frontline and put a dose on each dog as recommended and the vet said they could also have another dose of the oral pill in the morning and then the Frontline in the evening. Still vacumming. Still fleas. All this time no one in the house was getting bit. After another monthe we did one more dose of Frontline and I bombed the house again. After that we have been good. BUT, I have noticed after the first dose of Frontline on my shepherd mix that it seemed like she was acting differently. She use to go under our bed to sleep and if she and our other dog were playing she would run under the bed to hide from him. She doesnt do any of that any more and she doesnt even want to play anymore. It just seemed like when the Frontline was applied to the skin it was drawing the life out of her. Weird I know but that is the best way describe it. She eats, drinks like normal but her demeener has really changed. It’s so sad. Unfortunately our friend had brought the fleas in with her. We haven’t had problems with fleas in years and we never had problems like this. Not realizing for such a long time that there were actually fleas didn’t help the matter. Poor baby. Has anyone else had a problem like this?

    1. Kathy says:

      I’m sorry that your baby girl doggie has been changed by Frontline. I have heard the same things from other comments here. I’ve heard one where their dog used to play near the child’s chair all the time but suddenly changed after the defleaing where they used Frontline. Many dogs go lethargic after such chemical treatments. Try to play with her more so that she can regain her old spirit back. This medicine may have damaged or affected her memory a bit so she may need some reinforcement from you to feel active again. I hope all goes well.

      P.S. Sorry for the late reply as I have been travelling…

    2. Nancy says:

      Frontline has caused many side effects in dogs and cats and sometimes it even kills them. Hope your baby is better now. We are getting together a group to fight the company that makes Frontline. Please go to to our Facebook Page and tell your story. Our page is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison We have to stop this company from poisoning our pets. Be sure to like this page also. Thank You

  24. Laura says:

    I am allergic to Frontline Plus, and spent a year fighting a rash that made me take a leave of absence from my job for two months. It was systematic in me, and in my opinion, is systematic in dogs as well. Please, please don’t use this on your pets. My pup has never had it and never will.

    1. Kathy says:

      Thank you for sharing this one Laura. I’m so sorry to hear about your allergies and sorry to have gotten back to you late since I was on vacation. I have had some allergies with the smell of this chemical too that makes my eyes water a lot and my nose run. My dogs never like it when I have used it on them a long long time ago and I will never use them again. I’m afraid to lose any one of them to something I will give them.

    2. Nancy says:

      We are getting together a group to fight the company that makes Frontline. Please go to to our Facebook Page and tell your story. Our page is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison We have to stop this company from poisoning our pets and ourselves. Be sure to like this page also. Thank You

      1. Kathy says:

        OH Thank you SO MUCH FOR THE ADVOCACY! You are such an angel. Yes I will add you on FB. I hope people become aware of this. Some of the people around me who I have told about Frontline just would not believe my research. They say it was clinically tested. They just don’t know how many cats and dogs have died for this tests and also actual application from owners has also caused deaths and illnesses that killed many sweet and loving baby pets…

  25. Cassandra Hueth says:

    Methoprene is actually a biological control method used and is a juvenile growth hormone regulator that prevents the flea from growing past the pupa stage. It has been tested to have no harmful effect on animals or people and is used alo t on our food and water. As far as the other chemicals go though im not so sure

    1. krysty cavallo says:

      If anything is classified as toxic or potentially poisonous, it is POISON. PERIOD.

  26. ken bishop says:

    Great article, do you have a recommendation for ticks? we dont really have a flea problem- but our puppies are always out in the woods. Thank you.

    1. Kathy says:

      Well I use Diatomaceous Earth as a natural flea and tick killer. So far they have worked well with my dogs. I will research more on this for you.

  27. natalie says:

    Sadly we have little choice, I cannot risk a non proved method as we have paralysis ticks here and they can kill and do kill many dogs, we are at super high risk, the vets has constant patients with them in and a lot dont make it, we use frontline plus bt have kids, so it has always worried me, so we are looking at nexgard.

    1. Kathy says:

      I know many veterinarian recommend Frontline and Frontline Plus. But I would still worry about your pets and kids since they are linked to seizures and can harm kids as well I hope you can try Diatomaceous Earth to help your dogs with the tick problems . I hope you’re pets and kids are always safe let me know what happens with the new treatment.

    2. krysty cavallo says:

      Where do you live? I’ve been watching Monsters inside ME episodes & it is unbelievable that tiny insects can do so much harm to both humans & animals.

  28. Lawanda says:

    Used frontline on my lab and my 5 year child broke out in hives and it only happens in the evening or after she goes to bed could it be from frontline? I give her Benadryl and the hives go away. My lab is 4 months old and my child has had no problem being around our lab until I used the front line.

    1. Kathy says:

      If your darling child has touched Frontline and licked her fingers or touched her skin, she can have rashes due to the high levels of allergens and toxins in the chemical mix of the said medicine. Wash her up right away with warm water and soap. Make sure she did not injest it since this can cause death! Please call 911 or your local emergency hotline if she has put it anywhere near her face.

  29. susan says:

    Hi from Australia. I have a cat who had a serious adverse reaction to a similar combined topical flea/worm product made by Bayer – known variously around the world as “Advantage” or “Advocate”. Within 2 days of application she developed a litany of symptoms including lethargy, loss of appetite, blood stained stools, a strange gait and strange yowling as if she was in pain. Her behaviour changed as well – she went from being a friendly, very playful cat to one that slinked under or behind furniture and was hypersensitivity to noise, people and lights. After a week she also had difficulty walking and had episodes of being paralysed in her rear legs. These symptoms lasted for nearly 2 months.

    I took her to my local vet hospital where there are several vets – there was mass skeptism that this product could cause such a reaction but my own research into the active ingredient of this product – moxidectin – revealed that there had been serious side-effects recorded during the clinical trials including animal deaths. In Australia there is very scant product safety information required to be included in pet products – however in the USA and in Europe the same product comes with much more detailed information. I suggest if you have any doubts about these topical flea products, that you do your own due investigation – the information is all out there online. If a medical product was killing or hurting humans, it would be quickly banned!

    Luckily, in my case, my cat survived – she regained her health, her personality returned but I’ve vowed to never use such a toxic product again on her. I now manage her fleas manually – I have a small bowl of hot water into which I dip a flea comb at the height of summer I have to comb her at least 2-3x a day as well as a lot of vacuuming and a weekly bath – luckily she tolerates this! This keeps the flea plague in check.

    I also attribute her return to health to homepathy – when she was so sick, I sought help from a pet homeopath who gave me a potion which supposedly counteracts chemical toxicity. I can’t prove that this was the catalyst but the vets were unable to administer anything that would help my cat at the time so it is worth trying!

    1. Kathy says:

      My good friend has four cats and she only uses herbal soaps on her babies when they get itch. One of her cats was a stray before which she rescued. This one seemed to be getting some itch in him before but she said just pet powder and a herbal soap got rid of the itch. When the kitty was given chemical meds, he becomes sickly and has stomach issues.

      Thanks for sharing this!

    2. krysty cavallo says:

      Which homeopathic products did you use?

    3. Casey says:

      Once I accidentally gave my dog 2 Moxidectin tablets instead of 1, so I got worried and looked it up, only to find that when they did tests to see how safe it was on dogs, they gave them 300 times the normal dose without any adverse reactions.

      I would assume it’s similar for cats, but couldn’t see it there, so I highly doubt it was the cause of your cats problems. There have been some odd pet food recalls though that have effected cats neurologically etc.

  30. Nancy says:

    Please put your stories on our Facebook page. We desperately need your help to fight this company that makes this poison. Our FB page is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison. We are getting together (have an attorney) to bring a class action law suit against Merial. Please help us do this!!! Thank you!!!

  31. Nancy says:

    For those of you who don’t use Facebook, please email me at Your pets will love you for it.

  32. Nancy K says:

    Please Please, to all of you pet owners, please go to our Facebook page and post your story if your pet has developed problems with Frontline or any Frontline product. We need your help to stop this company from poisoning our pets. Our Facebook page is Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison. If you don’t do FB please email me your story. We just have to stop this company from any more side effects to our pets. My email is Thank you!!

  33. Lola says:

    I have an 11 year old 70 lb lab mix. I used front line plus on her and she is lethargic, yelps in pain for no reason and yelps when I barely pet her and then cowers away from me. She is week and lays around all day and she seems confused. I gave her a bath about three days after application when I started researching possible causes. My question is what else can I do for her? I took her to the vet blood work exam ect everything was normal. I also gave her Heartguard plus at the same time. Heartguard plus can have the same side effects as Front line plus. I hate seeing her sick and feel helpless what can I do to help her? Thanks Lola

    1. Kathy says:

      I did a bit of digging to find out if Heartgard is safe for most dogs but there are a lot of danger too because some dogs may not be able to tolerate On the otthe main ingredient. One of the studies said that some breeds of dogs such as Collies show sensitivity to this medication. They may suffer from severe reactions such as depression, neural issues, seizures, lethargy and even death. On the other hand there are dogs who may be allergic to Ivermectin which is the main ingredient of Heartgard and this may cause vomiting, rashes, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, seizures and even death. Be careful with this one if you have a sensitive dog.

  34. ask says:

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    I’ve read this post and if I could I desire to suggest you few fascinating issues or tips.

    Maybe you could write subsequent articles referring to this article.

    I wish to read more things approximately it!

    1. Kathy says:

      I would like to welcome you to our site. Please do let us know what topics you’d like to read about and we will try our best to research on them. I really hope to help some pet owners out there with their furbabies.

  35. ask says:

    What’s up to every one, it’s truly a good for me to visit this
    web site, it includes priceless Information.

  36. Michael Murphy says:

    I’m reading a lot of reasons for not using these flea and tick contollers and don’t want to use them now.But no one here is offering any good alternatives.Tick borne diseases are killers too so what do we do?

    1. Kathy says:

      Hi Micheal, please see my details of what I do for my dogs and the natural treatment I recommend which is here

  37. Teresa says:

    My vet quit handling the Frontline products over a year ago. So I do believe it is not safe. Also it no longer worked.

  38. Jon D. says:

    I came across this site when searching for further information on Methoprene. After reading through various sections here, I just figured I should indicate that while, sure, any type of chemical treatment for pets has its risks, there are many conditions that should be taken into account since everyone’s circumstance is bound to be at least slightly different.

    Many comments that you’ll come across from people who’ve used a specific treatment will typically only state the type of animal and a very general idea of what the product was. They typically don’t include the specific product information as to if it was a topical (ie, spot-application, shampoo, collar) or a pill, if it was meant for dogs or cats, adults or young animals, or even the percentage of active ingredients that the product contained.

    Most instances of cat deaths/hospitalizations tend to be due to the fact that an owner used a treatment on a cat that was made specifically for dogs; personally, I’ve seen a huge amount of cases where owners used a treatment with pyrethrins which is absolutely deadly for cats. Small dogs also must not be treated with anything meant for larger dogs, just like you wouldn’t want to give a kid an adult-sized dose of even the safest of medications.

    When searching for your own pet treatments, definitely, do the research that is specifically for your pet. That includes not only whether it is a cat or a dog, but its age, weight and also its general level of health; strong and healthy animals are less likely to be greatly impacted by proper treatments than ones with certain medical conditions. Also take into consideration that some animals will simply have a natural allergic reaction to certain treatments.

    Lastly, with any type of treatment, monitor your pet very closely for any type of reaction over the next few days after applying the treatment. While mild reactions may include a little bit of hair loss in the area where topical treatments are applied, more severe ones can include anything from loss of motor functions, seizures, or even death. If any of these occur very soon after the treatment is applied, immediately wash the chemical off and get the animal to a vet. At least in regard to seizures, while a bit of facial twitching or a very mild seizure that lasts for only a few seconds isn’t necessarily an indication of longterm repercussions, it still should be an indicator that a vet exam is needed within 24 hours (sooner if the problem persists) and that whatever product was used should be listed as one of those “never again” items for that pet type.

    Also, in the case that a vet is needed, make sure to bring the container/box that the treatment came in. Knowing the exact information of the product can often be a lifesaving factor.

  39. Annette says:

    want to help get the word out about these flea, tick, and de-worming products to prevent others from making the same uninformed mistake I did and unknowingly harm your dog. Dogs can have mild to extremely adverse effects to these products, including this particular one. Many have different active ingredients, but they all work in similiar and harmful ways. They are toxic and stay away from them!
    Unfortunateely, we were one of the dangerous and life-threatening cases after applying this stuff.
    Our German Shepherd, Schatzi, had an adverse reaction FOUR times to different brands of what is basically the same thing. The first time Schatzi became so lethargic she didn’t eat or drink much for a few months. She slept ALL the time and didn’t even bark when the doorbell rang (she ALWAYS barks!) Took her to the vet 3 different times about this and said they couldn’t find anything wrong other than dehydration. I asked about a correlation with this product and they said NO WAY!
    Applied the product a 2nd time 6 months later, and noticed the same odd behavior and unsteadiness. The vet again said it couldn’t be the topical we gave her and thought she was depressed from being lonely.
    Gave Schatzi the 3rd dose about 6 months later because she was scratching so much. I thought she had fleas and the vets insisted it was safe. Within three hours, Schatzi had no control over her hind legs and was panicking uncontrollably. I will never forget the fear in her eyes. Took her to the emergency room. By the time we arrived, Schatzi could walk but was not herself. The Vet did thorough blood work and found nothing. I showed him the box of Frontline I applied and said over and over again I thought it was the cause of these problems, but he insisted it wasn’t possible. He said the side effects included on the box was preventative and it would take such an extremely high dose to have any kind of reaction it wasn’t really possible.
    A month later, we found our dog on the floor convulsing, foaming at the mouth, and completely paralyzed. She couldn’t breathe and we thought we were watching her die. It was horrifying to witness. We calmed down enough to stop the convulsing and took her to the emergency room again. They admitted her into Intensive Care for a week! Tested and x-rayed her for possible meningitis or spinal tumor, but still found nothing wrong.
    Took Schatzi to a new vet who also insisted it couldn’t be the topical, but my gut still knew otherwise. She gave us a different brand to use because it had different active ingredients and insisted it would be fine. I never used it, though, for fear of another adverse reaction.
    A year later, which is now, we found several ticks on Schatzi, worms in her stool, and she was scratching a lot. I got out the Advantage Multi our vet sold us and applied it. Six hours later, we found Schatzi on the carpet seizuring, unable to move, and no ontrol over her bowls. I knew it was the topical I put on her. This could not be a coincidence FOUR times!
    Called the Advantage Emergency Hotline and she said they’d never heard of a reaction before and she couldn’t tell me how to get this stuff off or what to do. She was only interested in the lot number on the Advantage box! I told her she was a liar and she should Google what this product is doing to people’s pets. Then I hung up on her!
    We got Schatzi in the tub right away and shampooed as much of this out as we could (I know now to use liquid dish soap instead of shampoo because it’s a better de-greaser to get this waterproof product off. These products start absorbing into the skin immediately, so time is of the essence.
    Time will only tell if Schatzi will have residual complications from this as she has in the past.
    I’ve since been in touch with a professor at University of Washington who does research solely dedicated to the adverse reactions of flea, tick, and worming treatments. Her team has identified a mutant gene many dogs have that can cause these adverse reactions. It’s most common in Collies (60% have this mutant gene) and herding dogs. You can send a mouth swab from your dog to the research team at University of Washington to test for the presence of the mutant gene.
    Go to the University of Washington’s website and navigate from there. I sent my sample in today.
    PLEASE don’t give your dogs these toxic flea, tick, and worm prevention products. They are pesticides and can cause permanent neurological damage and even death. I learned the hard way. Don’t make the same mistake! It’s happening more than we realize because vets and manufacturers refuse to acknowledge it!

  40. jenn says:

    if you’re smart..don’t EVER give this crap to your pets. I have several cats and never would. My parents diligently put this crap on their two beautiful cats, and I told them to stop. A male they had previously died of kidney failure. Frontline is just poisoning your pets…don’t be stupid. There are lots of ways to get rid of fleas. I never use anything and don’t even have fleas and if I do, they just go away. If anything use diatomaceous earth, vinegar, acv, lots of things, nitenpyram…keep frontline and these things AWAY from your pets..

    1. Kathy says:

      I totally agree with you! I have dogs and cats and I NEVER USE ANYTHING. One time my dog had fleas but I only used diatomaceous earth to get rid of them and gave my house a good clean up with the same product diatomaceous earth and some baking soda. The fleas never came back. I don’t want to poison my own babies (pets) by using toxic products.

  41. ****** says:

    My Dog Has Had Many Of These Symptoms Before. Should I Be Worried? Please Respond. Thank You!!!!!!

    1. Kathy says:

      Hello there dear, sorry for the late reply. I would recommend to bring your pet right a way to the vet if he or she is having these symptoms. Try giving her a bath with some dishwashing liquid diluted in water to remove any of the chemicals and then dry him or her right away.

  42. Barbara says:

    I gave my 8 month old boxer a treatment of Frontline Plus on Tuesday morning. Tuesday night she was acting more quiet than normal and by Wed. she was lethargic and down and out. I took her to the vet who gave her antibiotics and Rimadyl. By Thursday she was unable to move her head and crying in pain. She was then sent to OSU vet hospital and diagnosed with meningitis. There is no way of proving the Frontline caused this, but she was fine before I gave it to her. I’ll be taking back the unopened box I thankfully didn’t use on my Chihuahua.

    1. Kathy says:

      I’m very sorry to hear that your baby dog has gotten sick. As furparents we want the best for them but sometimes companies become careless and do not provide us with proper warning about these issues that may arise from their medicines.

  43. Chris Ibach says:

    All your anecdotal stories are not scientific studies. I used frontline on my dogs for years and they lived very long lives with no side-affects. Sounds like a bunch of anti- vaccine conspiracy theorieorists. Please don’t make claims without real evidence.

    1. Kathy says:

      Hi Chris thanks for the feedback on our site. I really hope it was not that bad. I did have my dogs vaccinated and I think science is helpful for most pets. it’s just that some things can be bead too. For example my friend’s cat’s liver has had an issue and the vet said it is because of diet. And she just uses the popular brand for her pet. So not everything that is sold to us is safe. If your dogs respond well to the treatment of your choice then that is great, However I just want to warn others and share my experiences. Many here have shared theirs.

    2. Nancy says:

      But you see, Chris, we do have evidence. You go right ahead and keep putting this poison on your pets. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones and nothing will happen. But then again you might not be so lucky and in time they will die or develop serious side effects. We have many people who have had the same effects to their cats and dogs. Tests results show nothing is wrong with them. All blood work comes back normal usually. Then we have a few persons who it affected. One couldn’t walk and the other ones son got seizures from having in on their pets. You do ahead and believe that this is a conspiracy. I don’t care. I just hope and pray you are one of the lucky ones and nothing happens to your fur babies. Good luck. You will need it.

  44. Linda Hussong says:

    I hear a lot about the effects on small breed dogs, but I had a pit/saint Bernard mix. At 10 months he was 90 lbs. I gave him one treatment with front line. I even bought the one for medium size dogs within hours he started having convulsions. No dose is safe. I now only use natural products on my fur babies.

    1. Kathy says:

      I know what you mean. Some big dogs of my friend had the same reaction (german shepard). So if big dogs can be sick, what more about small dogs?

  45. Rhonda says:

    My miniature Schnauzer has had weird seizer type activity for years but I never put it together that it might be from the Frontline. There was no consistency in the behavior so I thought maybe it was “Spikes disease”. However, today she has been diagnosed with a tumor in her left shoulder that if treated will require the removal of her front left leg as well as chemo and the cancer may have already spread throughout her body so all of that seems fruitless at this point. She only started limping about three weeks ago and now will not eat or drink and has been diagnosed with cancer. She is seven years old and the cancer that she has is rarely seen in small breeds. What leads me to believe that the Frontline is the cause of this is because of the location of the tumor. Between the shoulders is where I always put the drops and it would run down her shoulders on both sides. The dog I had before this one also died of cancer but of the throat. I would tell everyone that this product will harm your pet in the short and long run. DO NOT USE FRONTLINE!

    1. Kathy says:

      I’m so sorry about your little schnauzer. I hope she gets better. I know that a lot of products recommended to keep our cats and dogs ok are actually harming them. So we as their fur parents have to be vigilant.

  46. Tim says:

    Well, i have to say ive never seen nor heard of so many co-winkie dinks ever. One symptom every pet spoken of on this site including my beautiful long hair chiwawa (ding a ling) is the itching scratching and chewing! Before administering FP and after? Which is why im here, dingy is going nuts. All 4 legs are raw, her arm pits have holes chewed in them. She chewing a hole in her back, so i went and bought FP@ PETCO. AFTER reading the box it says “ONLY” FOR DOGS BETWEEN 5 AND 22LBS (IF YOU LOOK ONLINE THE SAME BOX SAYS 0 TO 22LBS.) A couple years back i tried K9 advantage, due to her weight i used a 1/3 of the dose and except for a siezure, she had every other symptom mentioned here. I too took her to the vet, and i too got the same, it could not be the product. I never will go back to that vet, she pretty much insulted my intelligence. With that and reading everything here im not going to apply FP. I have to say that most vet belong to some organization( e.g. like doctors to the A.M.A) and the manufactures of these other products run the organization, so the vets are not going say that its the products. Why? Simply because they have to write a diagnoses in your pets file. And with as many incidents there truly are, that would dwindle if not halt profits, in turn the organization would make practicing hard on the vet. And here is the thing, not a single one of us typing is a vet. Nor do we have proof that could be documented. It doesnt take a 3rd grade education to know the obvious. With out certified vets or chemists backing, its futile. What about the not obvious? Like the mutation, and the so so obvious like the itching and scratching, chewing until are babies are bleeding? It is possible that it something that im sure alot of us get the same of, and that is dog food. Itcy before itchy after, itchy still in calif. And still yet africa and down under. Mabie it in the carpet. I know for a fact these products are poison and cause adverse effects. And from many accounts the itchy itchy doesn’t go away with use. So i will just keep putting vitamin E OIL on her and try a couple of things i learned today until i find out what is driving my dingy and me nuts. I give THANKS to ALL who took the time tell your story and save my friend, and myself horrible grief. Tnx very much.

    1. Kathy says:

      I’m sorry your Fur Baby is having such a horrid time. I know it can be frustrating not knowing what is really causing her pain and misery. I’m not a vet but I have had many dogs and have know lots of dogs. My mission is just to help those who cannot find help from asking vets and other medical pet practitioners.

  47. Shellie Newport says:

    I have had two pugs die and two very sick from using front line plus. Called front Line and they offered my money back for the product. What a joke you can’t put a price on my babies they are well worth more than the refund of 30$.This company needs stopped.

  48. Shaun says:

    Where are you getting information like all the mentioned insecticides like insect growth regulators, juvenile hormone mimics, phenylpyrazole etc, are organophosphates?
    Not that I’m suggesting they are all 100% safe to use but then even your natural and harmless treatments like diatomaceous earth aren’t recommended for use around animals due to the risk of eye damage and inhalation. Even food grade contains some crystalline silica which causes silicosis.
    Nothing is guaranteed in life, apart from death and taxes as they say. You have to weigh the risks of an infestation and the liklihood the parasites are a vector for some other infection and the discomfort caused to you and your pet.

  49. Shaun says:

    I see someone even speaks out agaisnt these treatments but goes on to say use nitenpyram which also has similar side effects, is given orally, acts very quickly and has no antidote. It acts on central nervous system receptors in the insects that mammals like dogs and us also have i.e. It has a systemic action and blocks acetylcholine receptors leading to paralysis and death but it binds more readily to insect receptors than mammal so that is what is supposed to make it safe.
    The fact it doesn’t even kill insects for more than part of a day also limits it’s effectiveness. It may be of use in a heavy infestation where you want to kill a lot of adult insects quickly but why risk giving to your pet if your other natural/safe remedies are working?

  50. Dewald says:

    Hi Kathy.
    I just want to make sure. Could it be possible that spot on could have activated Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis in my Ridgeback. He just went backwards verry quick after i used it on him. It could be possible that it was something he ate. But ive got spare spot on in stock. But what should i do with it. I havent used a large dose either. He is a large dog and i only used for small to meduim dogs.
    I halve used it on my collie aswell. But she is fine.

  51. Peter Bryan says:

    When applying Frontline a bottle neck would not break off so used scissors . Ended up getting it on myself and having strange mild pain ever since . Gloves should be used with this stuff . Two weeks later still feeling 10 years older .

  52. Michelle says:

    So now I’m reading all this and worrying about my dog.. He is older and his coat was shaved way way down to bald with very little fur left yesterday trying to figure out why itching….Skin problem..? I figured it was fleas so after the fur was gone I put front line plus on him. Bless his heart.. He was so miserable for days.I had used it before and knew it worked. Then after putting it on him I realized he could lick it off.. I watched him for a few hour’s n went to bed. Tonight he is cleaning himself licking and pampering his wounds and agitated skin from the bites. Now I read all this. Help me feel better please!! I now feel like I’ve hurt my baby.

    1. Kathy says:

      I know you are just trying to look out for your baby dog. Try using only natural product. Another comment here says that she has only used things that can be eaten like coconut oil, vinegar and baking soda and the likes to help her dog be flea and tick free…. Grooming cna help your dog live longer and flea free.

  53. Cheryl says:

    My 13 year old collie cross had a massive seizure three days after administering Frontline Plus. It came out of the blue and was very distressing for him and for me. I thought he was dying. I hadn’t made the link with the Frontline. However, after reading all these comments I am sure it was connected to the product and I will NOT be using anything like this ever again on my dog and cat. Three days on and he is recovering from the side effects of the seizure that left him unstable on his feet, bumping into the furniture etc. It appears to have left him quite deaf but the glazed look in his eyes is diminishing and he is responsive again. I feel so bad about the fact that it could have been my fault that this happened to him. My vet has told me that it’s not due to the Frontline but I am not convinced…

    1. Kathy says:

      Sorry for the late reply! I think you were right to be sceptical about the vet. Don’t blame yourself though, how were you to know! and you did work it out. Hope everything turned out fine!

  54. Heather says:

    Yesterday around 3pm I applied Frontline to our 8 year old Heeler. I went outside where he was approximately 30-45 minutes later and noticed he had a strange walk, couldn’t balance very well, his back legs seemed stiff, his eyes starting weeping excessively, and he became extremely lethargic. I called the emergency vet and rushed him in and they started the iv fluids and activated charcoal. He is much better this morning but not back to himself. Upon asking two vet friends that are out of state from me, they quietly confirmed that Frontline is known to do this and they have seen lots of this including seizures and death. I would have never known this if a friend had not asked me if I had just applied it before he started acting weird. Then it sparked my research and confirmation from what looks like tens of thousands of pet owners online claiming a multitude of the same side effects. As for our family, we will be throwing the unusued items away and NEVER using them on our pets again.

  55. Debbie Briwn says:

    I applied frontline plus to my 10 year old Pom last night and he had a seizure and vomited in the middle of the night. Took him to er vet and all his blood work came back normal. They are telling me he may have hurt his back because he couldn’t walk using his hind legs. They suggest getting an MRI done which will cost $2,500!!! I told her about using frontline and she said this would not cause him to have seizure or get sick. So glad I found this site… I will never use frontline again and I hope my fur baby recovers

  56. Johne6 says:

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  57. Penny G Metzner says:

    My pibull was 65 pounds. 8 years old. She had a 10 minute seizure with in 20 hours of Frontline plus. She then had a second one lasting 15 minutes 5 days after that. She walk in circles for 2 days and was head bunting in corners. After 2 days she died. Do you know the feeling of paying $75 to poison you own dog? I hope not. I hope there is a special place in hell for the inventor of Frontline. Never again will I use it. I buried her 4 days ago. It feels like a lifetime.

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  59. Josie Jones says:

    I used frontline on my beautiful collie Hutch just ONCE, & within weeks I had to make the heartbreaking decision to have him put to sleep. His fur had gone from shiny & glossy to dull & big clumps falling out. He went from jumping around like a puppy to not being able to lift himself up, & he was VERY disoriented. I got him to the vets who admitted they don’t recommend it. Sadly he was so I’ll I had to lose my best friend. I contacted the makers of frontline but all they said was He was only one out of thousands that use it. But my research has shown me that he was NOT one dog, but one of thousands who had reacted VERY badly to this poison. I am still struggling even 2yrs later over his loss, & just pray it will be banned from around the world before many more pets suffer due to this!!

    1. Kathy says:

      I”m so sorry to hear that.. I’m sorry that you lost your baby dog. I hope you feel better soon.

  60. Hi guy’s thought I’d let use all know i went through this about 2 months ago. I bought a jack russell his name was Trevor he was the most happy and energetic little dog. He was itiching one day so i got him frontline plus spray. He was fine until i picked him up he yelped at me so when he was laying on the couch i decided to check him.his Right leg was tender and sore. But he was still the same old Trevor didn’t seem to bother him to much. Well the next morning i woke up took him outside to the toilet. Then i noticed him walking sideways within 2 hour’s he had no balance couldn’t put any weight on his back leg’s to the point he was trying to drag himself across the floor. Its the Sadest thing I’ve seen. To see my Trevor like that was devastating so i got him to the vet. And they said it was a spinal injury that wouldn’t improve even with surgery they stated that the only option was to put Trevor to sleep so seeing trevor in pain like that i agreed to do so….knowing all this could have been avoided with a choice of anything but FRONTLINE PLUS SPRAY is so devastating… Rest in peice Trevor Daddy Love’s you.

    1. Kathy says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. Trevor is now at the rainbow bridge. I just hope that companies make better solutions for our pets in the future.

  61. 123 says:

    MY 85lb golden doodle had a seizure from frontline, he is fine now but for a little bit I was really worried. New use frontline…Never!

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