Pet Therapy – How Can Pets Help Us Fight Stress?Pet Therapy – How Can Pets Help Us Fight Stress?

Having a fur baby is one of the best things that can ever happen to anyone. Sure you’ll be spending a lot of money on pet food, vet visits, grooming and all the other things your baby would need but you’d also get something priceless – unconditional love.

Dogs and even cats are loving animals (though cats don’t really show it that much except for rare cases). Their love is unconditional and pure. This kind of love cannot be compared to anything and can be healing to humans in most cases. Pets can help you deal with stress, battle depressions and also help you feel joy and find laughter.

Stress Busting Benefits of Having a Fur Baby

Pets are pure souls. They love you because they just do love you. They have no hidden agenda. They don’t ask much. Just a bit of time, some food to eat and water to drink and of course your company. Unlike human relationships that require you to act or behave in a certain way, animals accept you for who you are regardless of whether your rich or poor, educated or not.

There has been countless cases of pet healing their human parents from suicidal tendencies, helping them cope with grieving and death and saving them from depression and isolation. Soldiers who suffer PTSD are said to do much better when they are accompanied by therapy cats and dogs. Kids also behave better when raced with animals. Elderly people find joy and cheer around their fur babies.


  Helps you fight stress – Being around pets help you release anti stress hormones that make you feel calm and serene. You exude oxytocin, serotonin and even endorphins when around pets. Pets cheer you up when you are lonely and sad.

Cuddle Buddies – Humans need hugs and companionship. However there are times when a human contact is not possible. Elderly people may not have companions at home and may feel isolated. Pets provide the love and friendship a person needs. Pets give you someone to snuggle with at night. They can help you feel warmth and cope with being alone.

Someone to confide with – Non pet lovers would never understand the point of talking to other pets. Pets do understand our feelings. They know it when we are sad, they know it when we are happy. Having a pet can help you cope with sadness. When you need a good cry, your pet will never judge you or let you down.

Gives you a purpose in life – For people who ask why they ever need to get up in the morning, having a pet can help them change their perspective in life. They can wake up with a purpose and want to go on living because a pet relies on them. They know that someone loves them and that they are needed and wanted because their pet is there.

Other Benefits of Furry Friends


 Pets are known to give you many benefits aside from the obvious stress relief. Dogs have guided the blind more many years now. They also aid the police and the military to help keep humans secure. Cats have been known to help children with autism as well as people who have PTSD.

Diabetic Monitoring Dogs – These dogs are trained to help those suffering from diabetes specially those who fall into the Type 1 to take sugar before their glucose level severely falls. They can smell a person’s blood and notice the acidity rate associated with low blood sugar. They would then notify or even wake up their owners to get up and take some sugars.\

These dogs have proved their worth by saving many kids who are sleeping and had almost died due to hypoglycemia however these dogs woke them up and notified them.

Seizure Aid Dogs – These dogs help people who have seizures such as those suffering from epilepsy. They put their bodies under the person’s head so that the person who gets the seizure will not crack his or her skull during the seizure.

Cancer Sniffing Dogs – Dogs have very powerful noses and they can know if a person has cancer just by olfactory indicators.

Therapy Cats – Cats may have a mind of their own but their charm comes from their aloof nature. When they start being loving and sweet, it’s forever. They can be loyal too though it may not be obvious all the time. Cats can provide kids who have autism association. They can also aid those who have suffered trauma a sweet and loving refuge.

How to Reciprocate Doggy or Kitty’s Love

Dogs and cats know if their owners do love them. They need to have their love returned too. They need affection and time with their human parents.

Spend time with them – Dogs really need your attention because without it, they would feel anxious. When you ignore dog, they can grow restless and destructive.

Cats on the other hand may or may not want your attention. But unlike popular belief, cats do build relationships with their owners. They like playing and goofing around too.

Give them good food – Pets need a healthy diet. They need to eat proper food to avoid getting sick. A poor diet can lead to an early mortality.

Frequent vet visits – Doctors know best so going to one is a must if you have a pet dog or cat or turtle or whatever it maybe. Don’t play doctor quack around your furry baby, because this can endanger their life.

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