Selecting the Best Dog Breed for You

Dogs are nice lovely animals that has kept man as companions since the beginning of time. They are loyal and trustworthy. They can be trained and they can help in many things. They can guard you and your property from harm. Dogs can be your lifesaver from depression and sadness. They are called man’s best friend for a reason.

puppy-155280_1280Things to Think About First Before Getting a Dog

Dogs are sentient beings that need love, care, time and devotion. Owning a dog is a big responsibility that needs consideration and thought. You must put into perspective the needs that the dog would have such as grooming, vet visits and of course, food.

Before picking out a dog you must first list down things that are related to your lifestyle and how much time you can devote to your dog.

Purpose – You must first define what purpose you’d need the dog for. Would you like the dog to be a constant companion? Would you like the dog to play with your kids? Is the dog going to serve as a helping hand in a farm or as guard for your home? Before looking at a puppy and thinking how cute it is, you must consider what kind of tasks you are going to set on the dog.

Your dwelling – Another big consideration you have to put in mind is the place you live in. If you live in an apartment building, having barking dogs may not be a good idea. If you however, have a big house with a lawn then having dogs that can run around can be fun. Would you have time to clean up dog shedding? Do you have lots of breakable vases and picture frames? You must think about these little things.

Doggie Attitude – Dog temperaments vary from breed to breed. Some dogs can just spend the whole day on the couch lounging with you. Some dogs get excited easily, while others tend to crave time outside walking and running. Energy levels of the dog is a big consideration. If you ignore a high energy dog, chances are they will go berserk in your home. If you try to force a dog who likes to chill out to run, you’ll be disappointed.

Time, Money and Grooming – Dogs are like kids. They need to be taken care of and loved. They need your time and you cannot forever ignore them. You must consider how much time you’re willing to spend training the dog, playing with the dog, feeding him, teaching potty and checking on him. You must also put into consideration how much money you’d want to allocate for your dog. Larger dogs, eat more food and hence cost more money. Dogs of the smaller size, eat less. Some dogs require a special diet of meat or also some vitamins and supplements to maintain their coat or strength. There is also the case of grooming. If your dog is hairy, chances are they need to be groomed two to four times a month. Dogs also require bath time. Having a bath every other day or at least once a week is important to keep them smelling good and healthy.

So, Which Breed is Good for a Specific Purpose?

If you have now defined what purpose the dog would be for you can now choose a dog breed that falls into that purpose.

Guard dogs

Guard dogs should be smart, strong and loyal. They should be trainable and be able to fend off attacks from animals and strangers. Here are the top three dogs that are super smart and can fight off an attacker.

  • German Shepherds – German Shepherds are excellent guard dogs. They are super cute as puppies and very loyal. They are used in the K9 police dog units. They have a strong sense of smell, strong muscles that can fight off assailants and are extremely smart. These dogs are super high in energy and require lots of walks and runs outside.
  • Rottweilers – These dogs have fierce reputations. They can be extremely aggressive towards people they don’t know. They are trainable and loyal to their owners.
  • Pitbull Terriers or Pitbulls – These dogs are knows are dangerous to some extent. They are used as fighting dogs and hunting dogs. These dogs can lock their jaws to render their opponent motionless until the enemy is dead. They can fend off attackers and are great dogs to have to protect large homes and properties.

Best dogs for Kids

Golden Retriever puppy for kids.

Golden Retriever puppy for kids.

Dogs can be great companions for children. They can teach children responsibility and are excellent playmates. They are sometimes great nannies too!

Dogs for kids should be dogs with a good amount of energy yet not the nervous kind. You should avoid dogs that get too excited.

  • Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever – These dogs have a good amount of energy with them and are great around kids, even the small ones. They are very loving and protective. They have a playful attitude and don’t get upset easily towards kids. They are very intelligent and seem to understand that difference of kids and adults. They can also be relaxed at times so they are great to have around children.
  • Beagles – Snoopy, the famous dog character was a beagle. He was very loving and loyal to his owner Charlie Brown. Beagles have good temperaments and have a lovely warm attitude. They can play well with children. They are good to keep inside the house too.
  • Poodles – Poodles are hypoallergenic dogs. They are furry and cute which is great characteristic that kids love. They can adjust depending to their owner’s energy. They can be both playful and mellow at times.

Great Apartment Dogs

City living has also affected our pets. Some pets cannot do well in being an enclosed area for a long time. Dogs who live in an apartment should be good in socializing, not too excitable and does not bark a lot and also can live in small space.

  • Boston Terriers – Boston Terrier are great for apartments. They live indoors without getting stressed out. They are great to be a pet for old people or for kids. Having a docile and sociable behaviour helps them live in apartment buildings well. They also have short coats which is a big bonus since having the need to vacuum the apartment is lesser.
  • Chihuahua – Chihuahua are cute small dogs that are easy to take care of. They must be trained to lessen their barking. They are good dogs for small spaces. They are also easy to groom. Chihuahua prefer a regulated temperature.
  • Pugs – Pugs are adorable dogs with cute faces. They are very sociable and can be mixed with other pets even cats if they are exposed to them at a young age. They dislike weather extremes and should kept at a constant controlled temperature. They preferable for any age group such as elderly or children.

Having pets is nice wonderful experience. Dogs are a great choice for pets since they bring you unconditional love and warmth. Given enough attention and care they can be great friends for the rest of your life.


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