The Best and Safest Dogs Toys for Your DogsThe Best and Safest Dogs Toys for Your Dogs


 Dogs are active animals that need stimulation and exercise. They require fun and playtime to live happy and healthy. Dog toys allow intellectual stimulation and exercise for your pets. These toys help them fight stress as well. These objects can also be used as rewards for training your dogs.

What Kind of Toys Does my Dog Need?

This dog looks so happy with his playtime.

This dog looks so happy with his playtime.

There are many varieties of dog toys, but which is best for your doggie? There are balls, Frisbees, tug toys, plushies, squeaky toys, chew toys and many more. Choosing a toy for your dog is something that requires consideration. Toys should be safe and durable for your pets. Buying cheap toys may harm your dogs since these may contain harmful substances such as lead that may poison them.

Here I’ll share with you some of my favourite safe and fun toys that I use with my dogs, and where to get them from,

Multifunctional Toys

These toys allow your dog to do several activities in one toy. These can be like squeaky, chewable, bouncy and tuggable toy. These toys are good for your pet since they allow your dog to have fun and fight boredom even if they are only engaged in one toy.

Puppies may need these kind of toys since they tend to explore a lot. You can give them a chewable ball that can be used for fetching and chewing. You can also give them a squeaky plushie that they can hug and play with. Be sure to supervise your dog when playing with toys like these as I know my little chihuahua loves to bite bits off, rip them up and find the squeaker!

Bigger dogs need even more durable toys. You can have toy that dispenses food, squeaks and chewable at the same time for them. Tug balls can be multi-purpose too.

Distraction Toys

Distraction Toys are great for entertaining your pet as well as fighting boredom. Dogs can be noisy or destructive when bored. Providing them with a fun toy can help them relax or have fun.

  • Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher – These toys are great. They allow the dogs to use their smarts to return the tennis ball into the launcher and wait for the ball to be “thrown” into the air. You can now sit in the yard and read while your dog has fun.
  • Bubble Machines – Dogs love bubbles. They love chasing and popping bubbles. They look super cute when they are having fun with bubbles. We have heard about a bubble machine that uses bacon scented bubbles How cool is that?!  And of course it’s completely safe and non toxic.

Traditional Toys

Your dog would benefit from those good old toys that have been enjoyed by dogs for generations. We just need to remember to check them for your beloved pet’s safety.

  • Balls – All dogs love balls. They like bouncy balls, fetching balls and chewing balls. Balls are great for exercising your dog.
  • Sticks – You can either clean up an old piece of stick or buy a stick from a pet toys store online. Sticks are normally used for fetching games as well as tugging games.
  • Ropes – My dogs always also love to play tug with those tied up rope toys, and these seem to be the only ones (apart from Kong toys) that actually stay intact!
  • Latex and rubber – Latex and rubber are durable for dogs who love to chew. They can allow the dog who is a chewer to relax and be occupied. These can help them to strengthen their teeth and gums too. Some examples of these toys are rubberized bones as well as other rubber or latex made toys and plushies are great for chewing exercises. Kong toys are very hardy and my dogs quite like them.
  • Bones – As we all know dogs like to carry bones in their mouths or sometimes bury them. These can either be a real bone or a fake bone toy. These also helps maintain the oral health of your dog.
  • Frisbees – These toys are one of doggie favourites. It allows your dog to play catch or to try to get the Frisbee before it lands on the ground. It can be used for training your dog to jump high.
  • Raw hide chews and sticks – All my dogs have loved these, but I found out recently there is a great difference in quality of these sticks, as cheaper ones use non natural products and can be high calorie. Also rawhide is actually not very good for dogs and they can’t digest it, so my favourite chew sticks these days are by Bully Sticks who only use natural ingredients and make healthy treats. Their bully sticks they last longer than normal ones and they do discounts for larger orders which is great so you can make the healthy choice for your dog without having to pay a lot.

Having dogs is like having kids. They tend to get bored when their needs for fun are not met. Taking care of your dog requires you to provide him or her with fun and safe toys that capture their interest.

My favourite SAFE dog toy and treat suppliers

So if you are looking to find some safe and healthy toys and treats for your dogs, take a look at the suppliers I use.

Best Bully Sticks and Natural Chews – Healthy treats and chews

Active Dog Toys – Makers of the bacon bubble machine and other unusual and innovative toys

Golly Gear Toys for Small Dogs – Since getting a chihuahua I know that it can be hard to find suitable toys for small doggies, (and man do they like to chew!) but golly gear have it covered with a good selection of interesting and correctly sized toys. (They also have super cute clothes to keep the little one warm in the winter!)

Do you have any recommendations or warnings about dog toys to share with us?  Comments welcome!

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