The Death of My Puppy MiloThe Death of My Puppy Milo


The Death of My Puppy Milo

This story was shared to me by one of my friends who had some shih tzus. She wrote this story for me so that people who will read it will learn about doggie worms and how it took away one of her beloved pets.

dog death due to wormsA few months ago my dog Princess got pregnant. I was so excited about having puppies. It felt so great to have our family become big

ger. Princess had three puppies they were so adorable and cute. I named them Oreo, Bingo and Milo. They all seemed happy and content. I was so excited to play with them. The puppies grew fast.

After two weeks from being born I observed that Milo was not as active he seemed to be sick and sad all the time. I tried my best to cheer him up. He seemed to be losing weight. He had not ticks or fleas so I did not know what to do anymore. I decided to bring him to the vet. He had worms. He had round worms and tape worms. It was pretty bad. I saw him wanting to fight for his life and live. I tried to give him milk since he could not suck from Princess since he was now much smaller than Oreo and Bingo. They sometimes picked on him which made me so sad. I just wanted to cry. I used a syringe to give him milk but he could not take it. I felt frustrated because I did not want him to die. I got sick to at that time. I had severe strep throat. The doctor said I was about to be a goner but luckily I got better. But Milo was just getting worse and worse. We decided to just bring him back to the vet and have him confined. It really broke my heart to leave him there. He was so small and fragile. He cried a lot. He wanted his mommy. We tried to visit him every day.

On the fifth day of his confinement, we received a shocking text message, Milo is gone. If only I had treated him early for worms. I only had brought him to the vet. If I had tried some natural remedies like dried pumpkin seeds in their water or food. He might have survived. I just did not know what to do since he was so small and was just starting to eat and most often just drank milk from his mom. It was so heartbreaking. I cried and cried for several days and could not just move on.

Now I try to give me dogs some natural anti-worm products. I give them one I got from the internet. It made them stronger. I just cannot take losing another pet. I love them so much. I hope this story helps you fight for your beloved doggies. A death of a pet is not just a death of an animal, it’s a death of a loved one. It really tears you apart.

dog death due to wormsOur pets deserve the best from the moment they are born. Usually they cannot fight for themselves because they can’t talk or speak. They just suffer in silence. Sometimes we give them stuff that is bad for them but they just take it since they don’t want to disappoint us.

The death of Milo taught me many things. It has taught me that life is precious and that every minute counts. The more we delay treating our pets the more they get sick.

My friend Laura is now trying to pick up the pieces. Her dogs are now happy and healthy. She tries to give them organic food and food supplements to fight any sicknesses.

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